I'm a graphic designer and i hate to alter my skin with graphics, symbols or other staff. I am a designer, and I could never pick one mark, or design, that I could be sure of liking forever. Incidentally, I'm not an expert in this area but my tattooist suggested that skin growth can play havoc with precise typographic character shapes, not to mention kerning, so Luz, proceed with caution. I know I'm a damn difficult customer for my tattoo artist, but I want things to be perfect. One man offers to pay for a skin-grafting operation, while another invites Drioli to live at his hotel, the Bristol in Cannes. I just dont know if i could cope if the tatoo artist went slightly wrong or something just wasnt quite right. I'm a graphic designer and I have two, with plans for several more and intentions of starting on a half sleeve next month. But I have to say that it did take me a looong time to find a design that meant enough to me to put on my body for the rest of my life. I think it's not what your tattoo looks like, but what it means to you that is fascinating. If you're a graphic designer the only way to go when considering what font to use is Zapf Dingbats! As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below.

But if I did, it would be very personal (not necessarily in location!) and therefore I don't think my career would come into it. I have a fairly large faery falling through bubbles on my back, and on my inner wrists I have a interrobang on the right side, and an irony mark on the left side, both set in Palatino Linotype. Each design took me months and I would always stress to anyone - PLEASE take time choosing what you want to get, it's there for the rest of your life! I can't expect the tattooer to have the same interest in typography as me, I understand that. I would say that the biggest concern for me was to get them in places where I wouldn't constantly see them.
Someone I used to know (a designer) very sadly lost a baby that she wanted to call phoenix, because of this she has a huge phoenix tattooed across her back. Now if I had one done today I would probably make it a little more stylish and elegant, but I would still have a sun because it's meant to stand for eternal optimism. They took alot of thought, but both are also very sentimental regarding my father who died a couple of years ago and the 37 year marraige between my parents. I'd rather have a colorful and fun -wrinkled - skin when im old than just a plain -wrinkled - one. Alex said that all the graphic designers he knew didn't like tattoos because they could never pick one mark, or design, that they could be sure of liking forever.
The statement about location made me laugh out loud as I still can't decide where to put it—despite a year's worth of consideration!

Drioli realizes he has a valuable work of art, a portrait of his dead wife by his friend Soutine, and he is offered a huge amount for it. It's beautiful because of what it means to her, not because of what anyone else thinks of it. I have also made in the last year a wonderful friend, who co-incidentally has a tattoo of a sun in exactly the same place! 90% of the tattoo artist I've met are excellent artists in terms of drawing, but few can design in terms of the talent of a graphic designer.
He desperately needs the money, but how can he deliver the picture to a buyer while he is still alive? Couple that with the horrible colour distortion of tattoos over time and you've got a designers nightmare. Just because I can layout a brochure or create a logo doesn't mean I want that kind of work on my own skin. I would want it to be personal and aesthetically pleasing and not the crap you see on most people! Sure I came up with the general ideas and placement for my tattoos, but I let the artist do his work.

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