Creative Depression Writing Share creative stories you have written about depression or suicide.
That song seems to capture my thoughts on my depression so perfectly, how nobody really sees what's going on on the inside. I've got a huge anchor on my foot with the chain nailed to my ankle, it's a metaphor for how I've felt so dragged down over the years. My Second one is of twin ying yangs, which represents me being a twin, and the struggles of life. When most people think of self-harming behaviors, cutting comes to mind first because the physical harm you’re doing to your body is visible from the outside.

The mind and body work together in unison; as one part starts to weaken, so does the other. When I was entrenched in my eating disorder, I legitimately believed that I did not deserve food.
In self harm, the behavior is a numbing agent of sorts, the physical pain numbs the emotional pain, albeit only for a short time. To improve myself is beneficial to others because I have realized that I put myself on the back burner while spreading myself thin in the social world. Founded in 2010 by Lauren Bersaglio, Libero Network is a nonprofit organization and online magazine offering recovery support, fostering self-acceptance, and advocating mental health.

This movement started with a story, and our Community Blog is a place for the members of our community to share their stories and celebrate freedom by taking part in our #VoicingFreedom photo project. We are always looking for passionate, gifted individuals who share our vision and want to help spread our message and provide encouragement and support to those in recovery!

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