Arabic calligraphy is the art of handwriting, making tattoos looking very elegant and spacial. The Arabic tattoo meaning is “Let Love Rule” and is the title of one of her dad’s songs. First of them is located on the right side of his chest and is his grandfather name “Walter” in Arabic.
Arabic language has a special meaning to Zayn Malik as his father is a Pakistani immigrant and Zayn himself was raised as a Muslim.
Another fan of Arabic tattoos is Kym Marsh, British actress known from UK soap opera Coronation Street.

Tattoo on her left rib cage is in Arabic, and tattoo on her right foot is in Farsi language, which also use Arabic script.
Can i have the correct spellimg for the name silvia amd fernando thank ylu so much in advanve i wanna get my parents name on my arms! Movie stars, sportsmen, singers and celebrities – check who already have Arabic tattoo. It is located on her right arm and covers up the abstract lines tattoo made while she was with Billy Bob Thornton.
Recently she got tattoo on her left arm – her two children names in Arabic calligraphy, David and Emily.

Unfortunatelly for Zoe this Arabic tattoo is not quite grammatically correct and was probably translated in google.

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