Are you a fan of body art and searching for a girly tattoo design which will suit your personality and style perfectly? Arrow Tattoo meaning Рprotection (like a barbed wire), defense (like a bee), family (like a dove), power (like Zeus), direction (like a compass), peace (like a peace sign), friendship (like an infinity tattoo), fertility (like a horse), etc. Arrow Tattoos on celebrities РChristian Vieri (he is a football player with an arrow tattoo on his shoulder),  Erin Wasson (she has an arrow tattoo on her hand), Miley Cyrus (she has an arrow tattoo. Arrow Tattoos Placement ideas Рon your arm, behind your ear, on the back of your neck, on your chest, etc.

If so, take a peek at the following feminine and popular tattoos, as they are a perfect option and inspiration for a cool and trendy tattoo! You probably don’t know, but the bows and arrows are used by most cultures in the world for at least 8000 years.
About their meaning, designs and names, in another article (or maybe I will update this one).
The arrow, similar to a spear, is not only used for hunting, but to provide them clothes and food.

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