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However you have it designed, firefighter tattoos make a bold statement about your principles. Though these commonly echo a firefighter’s commitment to rendering his service to those in need, these tattoos can also stand for courage and bravery even if you’re not a firefighter yourself.
These are shown sporting a fireman’s hat or may even go as far as having skeletons clothed in a full fireman outfit. With the risks and demands of their job, these religious icons give them that sense of protection and calm.
Colorful or black and white, trendy or traditional, the very form of a guardian angel on your body can tell you everything is alright.

For men on the duty, bearing a firefighter tattoo can serve as a memorial for their colleagues who have sacrificed their own lives to carry out their mission. Other firefighters choose to imprint their issue badges or their city’s symbol and motto on their skin, in an attempt to ring out their devotion to serving others. Angel wings symbolize hope and protection, while fire-breathing dragons and demons represent danger and death which are common themes in a firefighter’s job. To add some spice in a rather heavy duty, pin-up models with firefighter helmets and gears star in firefighter tattoos. You can also protect your loved ones by inking their names along the figure of your guardian angel.
The Maltese cross, common in fire department shields, also make a fitting icon for the tattoo. For absolute protection from the various dangers that you face in life you can get inked with an angel holding a sword.

Powerful and protective, tender and merciful, guardian angel tattoos can stay with you forever. You can get them inked in a traditional realistic style or use many colors for added interest.
If you are looking for inspiration for your body art, take a look at these 25 Guardian Angel Tattoos For Men.

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