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Among all the forms of tattoo arts that reflect the Japanese culture, Geisha tattoos are some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring. Geishas were intelligent women who were knowledgeable about the various facets of Japanese culture and history. However, they have grown popularity in the recent years and can be found throughout the world.
They were also known to excel in singing, dancing, playing music as well as other forms of artistic endeavors.

Samurai tattoos express the ideas and practices that are closely associated with the clan of Samurai warriors. Dressed in a black wig and a vibrant kimono, these women really stood out in their elegance and powerful presence. They also represented imagination, desires, dreams, aspirations, ambitions, uniqueness, sexuality, passions, femininity, fertility, intrigue, exoticness, grace and fantasy. Samurai warriors were trained in the meditative practices of Zen Buddhism which allowed them to calm their minds as well as increase their courage, self-discipline and overcome fear, including the fear of death.
Geisha tattoos are mostly worn by women, although they can sometimes be worn by men as well. People generally sport tattoos depicting Samurai warriors in order to associate themselves with the various positive qualities of the Samurai.

The tattoos are generally sported in the chest, back and upper hands and are notable for their elaborate artwork and striking coloration. Sometimes a geisha tattoo can be made more interesting by adding other symbols such as cherries and cherry blossoms. One may also prefer an unusual tattoo design which depicts the geisha as a skeleton or a zombie.

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