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Skulls may be a simply of the soul of the dead or wisdom of ancestors, which could also represent horror and death. You can also enlighten your skull tattoo with your creativities and bold ideas to make it more artistic and special. If you desire to choose a way to show your bold and special personality, just ink one skull tattoo.

As for the prosperous tattoo industry, skull tattoos own a lot of symbolic meanings so they are super popular among both sexes.
If you think a single skull tattoo looks terrible, you can add it with some flowers, such as roses which mean grateful dead or love.
In addition, you can choose small, medium or large sized skull tattoos according to the place where you desire to create. Just as the other tattoos, you can choose to ink the stunning skull tattoos on your arm, foot, chest, hip, or back.

If you desire to make your skull tattoos more impressive and brilliant, you can try out various contrastive colors.

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