Our talented, friendly and highly trained staff strives to bring you the best possible work: Tattoos, Piercing, (Including Exotics, Surface, & Genital) Dermal Anchoring, Permanent Cosmetics, and MORE in a no-pressure, stress-free environment! If you would like to receive the latest News and Info about Local Tattoo Shops and Tattoo Conventions, Fill In your Emaill Address for free Alerts. Tiki Tattoo Jason is a Fantastic artist, who is more than helpful, honest and runs a clean and classy shop.

Marks of the Spark delivers - Multi Award-Winning Tattooing by Alfie - Detailed, Artistic Tattooing with privacy for all.
Follow us at BlackcobratattooBlack Cobra Tattoo InstagramGift certificates now availble at the shop. We have a huge range of jewelry, a customized line of aftercare, t-shirts (boys & girls sizes), hoodies, gift-cards, and gift certificates for any amount!

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