Polynesian tattoos are an ancient art that has been receiving a lot of attention in modern times. The people of the Polynesian islands have evolved their own distinct culture over hundreds, even thousands of years.
Polynesia is a group of islands spread over the Pacific Ocean (over 1000; Polynesia is the Greek word for many islands). Hawaii: Hawaiian tattoo designs are distinct from other Polynesian tattoos in that sense that they have a more personal meaning. Samoa: Samoan tattoos are generally very large and denote the social status and rank of the man or woman who wears it. French Polynesia (Tahiti): traditionally, only people of a high social ranking had tattoos. The Marquesa Islands: a group of islands in French Polynesia with a deeply rooted tattoo tradition. Description: Cool outline stencils of four different flying swallow images in black ink and white background. Keyword: allegory, animals, art, beautiful, bird, black, curve, cute, decoration, drawing, element, emblem, feather, flight, flock, fly, freedom, graphic, group, hawk, illustration, life, nature, object, pattern, peace, pretty, seagull, set, sign, sketch, sky, still, summer, swallow, symbol, white, wing, shape, contour, skeleton, framework, graceful, tattoo, artsy, drawing, wildlife, flora, good, luck, sea, travel, symbolism, meaning. I highly recommend getting a FREE program called Inkscape to do your digital art for making stencils and templates. This is the FREE artwork that one of my friends emailed to me from their collection to submit here and he had used it to make the jester stencil above.

InkScape.org -- get your FREE Inkscape scalable vector graphics imaging program to make your stencils, templates and artwork. This is some very, very inexpensive material to use for templates and stencils for airbrushing and door tattooing that cuts nicely by hand -- AND works great in vinyl cutters as well. This is an interesting photo out of Cambodia that one of the great self-appointed gods of airbrushing turned into a stencil set with some quick cheap vector imaging work and then released as his own great work of art that he "created". Anyway, this set is an interesting image and it offers several different skull perspectives in one photo -- yes, a photo, not an original work of art by one of the self-anointed gods of airbrushing.
Reality television shows from Miami Ink to Inked have turned tattoo artist like Kat Von D into a house hold names and tattoo legends into an Ed Hardy  t-shirt company. Though few of us who are not from the Polynesian islands would be willing to undergo the painful and lengthy procedure that real Polynesian tattoos necessitate, we might well be attracted to elements of the traditional tribal designs and wish to incorporate them into our own tattoos – using modern methods (most of us anyway). Though there are many islands in this area, the people all came from a common homeland – though no one is exactly sure where this might have been, or when they came or how.
Women and men had a combination of bold lines and dots on their forehead, from one ear to the other. On Samoa the art of tattooing stayed alive throughout history, where in other parts of Polynesia, tattoos disappeared after missionaries banned them.
They cover almost half of a man’s body, starting from just under the ribcage, and continuing down to the ankles.

The people of the Marquesa islands were the most heavily tattooed of all the Polynesian tribes. For example, practically all of these people practice the art of tattooing, and they do so in startlingly similar ways. The tattoo process was very painful and a lot of perseverance was needed to endure the long tattoo sessions. By looking at a tattoo, insiders get to know the social status and rank of the tattooed person. These bird vectors are perfect as tattoo for women or man, on shoulder, neck, chest, breast, upper and lower back body part. Tattoo removal options have gone from a knife and pricey laser removal to home tattoo creams. Because they had no written language, tattoos were used to depict social status, family history and spirituality. Temples were the home of those large wooden Tiki statues, who have tattoo patterns on the hands and the face. Maybe you want to be a tattoo artist yourself, theres alot more to it than ordering  a tattoo starter kit and finding some friends to give free tattoos to.

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