Make today, another day, you and others get to witness yourself being and doing something positively magnificent.
Once you've broken free of a self-sabotaging habit, you'll discover you can teach yourself new ways to perform at your best at any age.
You know you're in a healthy relationship when the two of you elevate instead of tolerate one another.
Never try to put life together in one written plan; authentic greatness must have the ability to organically flow.
When you're inspired for greatness, your preparation and talent can propel you to fly higher than anyone else. Every obstacle, every setback, every heartbreak carries with it the right spirit and bounce-back enthusiasm to positively carry you over any situation.

Giving birth to a good idea empowers you, and continuing to grow your good idea celebrates the life in you.
The toughest student to reach can become the easiest student to teach, if you enter your classroom daily with a positive and green and growing mindset.
If your being an educator is meaningful to anybody then your work is significant to somebody. No matter how big or small your problem may be—do something positive and progressive to break yourself free. T-E-A-C-H-E-R = One who Triumphantly Educates and Advances Character, Hope and Enthusiasm Regularly.
He is recognized around the world as a highly sought after consultant and expert on youth enrichment and teen empowerment, and professional development for educators on all levels.

Ty teaches young people and the professionals who work with and develop them, how to defeat toxic habits, maintain a positive attitude, and achieve true greatness. With over 18 dedicated years as a Dynamic Professional Speaker for Teens & Educators, Ty has a proven track record for delivering inspiring and engaging programs that bring forth immediate positive change, improved attitudes, action-driven efforts, desired outcomes, and real-life results.

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