Meticulous, accomplished Technical Editor with comprehensive experience in writing, editing, and proofreading healthcare-related documents, including those for hospitals, insurers, and pharmaceutical concerns. Perform comprehensive editing services on strategic, financial, actuarial, clinical, operational, and analytic reports for hospitals, IDSs, PHOs, IPAs, HMOs, insurers, and pharmaceutical companies. Provided in-house and client technical support by writing and editing manuals, installation guides, and help files on a multitude of custom-developed software and system packages. Produced company’s quarterly newsletter, including writing, editing, and proofreading copy. Compiled, edited, and proofread articles, case studies, managed care market profiles, and presentations. Created multimedia instruction materials, including illustrations for technical and non-technical audiences. Organized the culture training program assisted foreign and national exchange students; developed marketing material for exchange courses and programs.
Planned, edited, and supervised the design and production of more than 20 annual publications. Scheduled production of materials with the printing service, including selecting papers and inks. You are a career coach, a resume writer or an HR professional looking to gain exposure and build your expertise?
This is a practical hands-on introduction to technical writing for all beginner writers or those who are considering to make a career change and become technical writers. If you are a writer, it really makes sense to become a technical writer since it pays very well, despite the recession and all.
But to climb to that level, you need to start learning the basics of technical writing first — which is exactly what this introductory course provides. But this course covers the absolutely necessary basic skills you have to be comfortable with before creating your first manual.
In short, if you don’t know how and where to begin to become a technical writer, this is it!

A Completion Certificate is awarded after the successful completion of all  lessons and the final assignment. Register today and take advantage of this very affordable course delivered to you online by an industry professional who knows how it’s like when you are just a beginner and need solid, practical advice and tips to jump start your career.
Every student is awarded a handsome Completion Certificate (emailed as a PDF file) for successfully completing all the assignments in the course.
A: Yes, we do update the content several times a year depending on the needs of our students and the new developments in our dynamic field.
In most colleges, technical writing and communication courses are offered by staff members from the English Department who more often than not have never worked as professional technical writers in the industry. There are a lot of “technical writing” online courses out there which are little more than business correspondence courses. We publish our course content in great detail so that our students always know exactly what they’re getting. Or, do you have to log in at a certain time during the week and sit in a virtual classroom and take notes while the instructor is presenting the class? Do you need any special connections, plug-ins, operating systems… or can you access the course from any machine you like, without downloading any special plug-ins that may or may not work on your system? You can access the TCC courses 24-7 at any time of the day or any day of the week, from any machine connected to the Internet, from any location in the world, by using any browser you like. If financing is an issue, you might compare the course prices and see the kind of training you’re getting for your money’s worth. You might also inquire if there are expenses in addition to the course fee since a lot of courses use textbooks and other training aids that you need to purchase as well.
Ugur Akinci, a Fortune 100 senior technical writer with 15 years of hi-tech industry experience (photo above). Finish the course, print your certificate and hang it proudly on your wall or cubicle for all to see!
Your class pass NEVER expires  Come back and visit as often as you like to refresh your memory or to take advantage of the new updated materials.

There is nothing to prevent you from logging on to the course and enjoy the content if you have a Mac.
One big advantage of taking such courses is the DEGREE CERTIFICATION issued at the end of the course (or set of courses) — the kind of certificate that is recognized officially by other accredited colleges or universities as well. Make sure your teacher is an industry veteran who knows the ins-and-outs of technical communication and the real-life issues involved. Ugur Akinci, a Fortune 100 veteran of technical documentation who still works in the field as a technical writer and illustrator.
Akinci is a Senior Member also offers online courses delivered by legitimate instructors with great industry experience. Such training will be of no use to you when it comes to finding a job as a technical writer. Make your decision on the basis of not a “course summary” but the specific content you’ll be getting in every lesson. Once you pay for the course and register, you can come back any time you like and re-take any lesson to refresh your memory.
There is nothing to prevent you to log on to the course and enjoy the content if you have a Mac.
HOWEVER, the instructions and descriptions are written for Windows PC users since a great majority of technical writers today, especially those who work full-time in an office setting, use Windows PC machines. Here at TCC we issue a COMPLETION CERTIFICATE when you successfully complete all the exercises and assignments. That way you can be sure that what you’re learning will be useful to you out there in the market place. However, that’s not an official document that you can use to transfer any credits to a university program.

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