Just launched earlier this week, Dior has released a limited-edition nine piece set of 24 kt gold temporary tattoos. If you have any questions on the events we offer or our services,please call 800-958-9915 or email us. Sugar Sticker Tattoos300 Count for your tattoo and sticker vending machine.These temporary vending machine tattoos are made specifically to vend in most standard sticker or tattoo flat vending machines.

Designed by Dior’s costume jewelry designer Camille Miceli, the tattoos include gold link cuffs, chockers and small charms.
Three years ago, Chanel launched a limited-edition collection of 55 temporary tattoos, hand drawn by Chanel’s Creative Director of Chanel Makeup, Peter Philips. With gold prices spiking these days, you can set some gold for $120, it just won’t permanently be yours.

The set includes everything classically Chanel, like the CC logo, chain links, birds and cherry blossoms.

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