Photographer Emma Tempest uses color and lighting amazingly, making her sexy models entirely flawless.
Our own purpose built aluminium pyramid stage sets up easily on the day and complies with British Safety standards.
What’s more, rest assured that all our photographers have experience working with groups and have a full understanding of health and safety in group situations.
The unrivalled quality of our images is a result of our trained photographers and state-of-the-art digital laboratory.

Choose to include the name of your group, crest, logo or event title for that personalised touch.
For further information about our large group photography services call us on 01736 752 411 or send us your enquiry.
From frames to canvas wraps, customised mugs to mouse mats, discover our range of photographic products. El uso de esta pagina web esta sujeto a nuestras Condiciones de uso y las compras a nuestras Condiciones de venta.

You can either pre-order, or we’ll send you a proof image and order form to think about at your leisure. Alternatively, a sample framed photograph will be sent to your organization, together with order forms and payment envelopes.

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