7411There are a million and one different ways to decorate eggs, but if you’re looking for something a little bit different then you have to try your hand at these eggs that use metallic temporary tattoos and craft paint to decorate them.
They’re really quick and simple to make, perfect for beginners, and look absolutely stunning once finished.
Top Tip!…If there are any parts of the transfer that haven't quite stuck to the egg use your paintbrush to secure it. I am a complete craft addict, I've always got a project on the go whether it be to go in our home or for a lucky someone. Whether you’re new to crafting and want some advice, a busy parent looking for a school project, or a cross stitch expert seeking new ideas, our blog is here to provide you with everything you need.
0300If you’ve been out and about of late, you may have noticed a slew of shiny, temporary tattoos adoring our high streets and festivals. Top Tip!Try using spray primer as an undercoat to give a smooth and even finish and to make your acrylic colours really stand out.

If you plan to use these pots in the garden, I recommend that you seal them first with a couple of coats of Mod Podge to help protect your handiwork from the elements! Using our fabulous quality card blanks - with co-ordinating envelopes - ensures a professional look for all your handmade greeting cards. I’ve decided to use twine to hang mine with but you could use ribbon, or even thread beads onto the twine, the possibilities are endless! Thread twine through the metal loop on the top of the egg and secure both ends together with a knot. Paint your chosen acrylic onto your terracotta pot; it should be touch-dry after around 20 minutes.
If you prefer you can leave your egg plain, I painted half of mine in the pack and left the other half plain. Add one or two more coats as needed, until the pot is completely covered, including the inside lip.

Take note! Once you have removed the film, the tattoo becomes partially adhesive; be careful in your placement as moving it at this stage can leave some of the tattoo behind.
Keep pressing the paper for up to 30 seconds to make sure that the tattoo has completely stuck to the pot, then carefully peel the backing paper off. And they're designed specifically for use with inkjet printers, so ease of printing and spectacular print quality are assured - every single time.
We've got several finishes to choose from - to achieve precisely the effect you want for your greeting cards. Supplied in A5 and A6, 250 gsm.Matt card blanksHigh quality card blanks with a beautiful matt finish and co-ordinating envelopes.

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