After all these years blogging about paint colors and sharing color palettes, I have never done a palette of my favorite whites. I have always been hesitant to talk about whites because I personally think they are the trickiest of of all colors to choose. Jenny and I wanted to give you a palette full of our favorite whites that also happen to be some of the most popular whites out there. As you look at the palette above, I know they don’t look like pure whites but they are!
These online pages are the greatest of resources when you are looking for a white with a certain undertone but as you look at these colors all at one time like this, you can see just how dangerous whites can be!
Another trick to play it safe with white is to choose a white that has basically no subtle undertone at all. Last but not least, it’s so important to paint a sample board of your prospective white color!

Jenny and I hope that today’s post will really save you guys so much time (and agony) as you look for your perfect whites. This entry was posted in color palettes, Paint Colors, Paint Techniques and tagged Decorating, Home Improvement, Paint, Paint Colors. One thing I would like to see is when you post paint colors, it would help to have the paint colors for the walls and the trim. The little white dress is a classic item to have in your closet, and many celebrities embraced the white summer dress. Login or Register to create a free account to be able to save your favorite content to your personal folders. Our best selling off shoulder tops now available in white!  Our cute and sheer White Lace Off Shoulder Top is perfect for summer.  Wear it with cut offs or throw it over a bikini top for a chic fun in the sun look.
The bigger, the better and consider painting a poster board and keep your eye on it throughout the day and especially in the evening when you turn on your lights!

I want a white with just a hint of greige, but so far every sample I’ve tried has looked purple or mauve! Both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams have their websites set up where you can explore specific colors like white together. Sherwin Williams has one of the best color match systems and this is a fantastic way to find a white that you love for possible kitchen cabinet colors. My gut was saying to use white-white, but now I’m worried the walls may look a bit dirty. I will soon be painting my cabinets white to blend with my white appliances (which I love).

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