Temporary tattoo sleeves can be applied and removed in 20 seconds and are reusable over and over again.
Temporary sleeve tattoos can compliment a variety of Halloween costumes or outfits for stage performance. This product recently became a much sought after item after it was mentioned in a recent episode of “The Big Bang Theory.” In the episode, characters Howard and Raj decide to wear black eyeliner and temporary tattoo sleeves to a Goth club.
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This look is commonly referred to as a “tattoo sleeve.” Temporary tattoo sleeves can be applied with absolutely no pain or needles.
The options for fake tattoo sleeves are in a wide variety of categories which include tribal tattoos, dragon tattoos, flower tattoos, and Celtic tattoos, just to name a few. The vivid and creative look of tattoo sleeves also have been prominently featured in other media including the Fox television program “Prison Break.” In this show, the main character Michael Scofield dons a full body of tattoos in order to chart out a complex system for breaking his brother out of prison.
Temporary tattoo sleeves are also the perfect accessories for fairs, concerts, parties and other special events.

The products can be shipped worldwide and come with a 7-day money back guarantee in the case that customers are not thoroughly satisfied with their tattoo sleeves.
Customers who order more than two temporary tattoo sleeves will receive free shipping on their order.

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