The only enemies that can threaten one’s true destiny on earth are the ones that one’s frequent negative thoughts create in one’s mind. Through knowledge & wisdom there comes in a moment of inspiration when a man realizes the reality of his being, the outcome of his insight and the spectrum which directs him in tough times. How can we know the worth of joy and bliss without knowing the feeling of sadness and pain?
There is an entire new world to seek, new horizons to explore, an impulse to follow and of course someone as a torchbearer to guide us & push us forward.

Aaron Christopher Judd has designed this collection of best quotes and they are manifested in stunning pictures. Scroll down to learn from these inspirational and thoughtful quotes from Judd’s 365 Quotes from Tumblr (part 2).
So don’t let yourself shatter by stumbling rocks.Remember where there is a will there is for sure a long way. I am unfolding thoughtful quotes of wisdom that are ample to lighten your heart, clear your vision, widen your minds and broaden its spectrum.

This post is all about a beautiful typography quotes of wisdom which is “the proverbs project’.Stay strong and don’t get exposed to self-oriented miseries.
Your response to miseries excites a chain of agonies which can only make you blind to the upcoming glee and you lose your insight chasing the erroneous trails.

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