The dynamic duo behind the funny video called Thoughtful Guy Rap consists of Rhett and Link. Not only are the lyrics cleverly written and rapped, the shots in the video are exuberant and make the song livelier. I am a Thoughtful Guy, also known as The Thoughtful Guy Rap, is a rap about things that Rhett and Link think about. Right now, I'm thinking about the millions of microorganisms living  all over my body.  It's like I'm a mothership.
Right now, I'm thinking about what if I was abducted by aliens while I had a really bad farmer's tan.

Toby Turner , known more widely by his YouTube username "Tobuscus", is an American actor, musician, comedian, and internet personality.
He is most famous, however, for his unique brand of family-friendly YouTube videos, daily vlogs, and gameplays. These two men have embarked on a journey and with much thought, have come up with this rap that’s about everything they think about.
He guest starred in Episode 1 of The Mythical Show as an operatic Ear Troll collecting ear wax in Rhett's ear and hilariously read Link's diary entries in their video, CAPTION FAIL: Mr. Among his most popular videos are his creative music videos and his gameplays of popular video games.

The Thoughtful Guy Rap is only one video among many from the hilarious -- and talented -- duo. The lyrics are most often playful but at times very thoughtful, with intricate wordplay that makes the album more attractive and at all times complemented by some of the chilled out beats you’ve heard this side of Organized Noize. Some of the topics include duffle bags, how a penny has been passed around and even down to the nitty-gritty details of how the universe works.

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