In the collector car auctions’ relentless series of events there is rarely an opportunity to sit back and take stock. Record prices, ever-increasing sale totals in multi-million dollar amounts and one fabulous wish-list car after another (no matter what car is on a particular collector’s wish-list) create a nearly bewildering series of individual impressions. For me, despite being constantly engaged in presenting and interpreting collector car auction transactions, the arrival of each Yearbook is pleasantly anticipated and I learn a lot from each issue.
One of the most valuable presentations is in the front of the book where a selection of twenty-four important cars with two or more auction transactions are graphed over time. The market snapshot may best be expressed in a single page of graphs showing the average prices achieved for several important models.
The real meat of the Classic Car Auction Yearbook is in the 322 pages that follow with 4,763 individual transaction reports from Abarth to Wolseley arranged alphabetically by marque, then by year and model for relevance. There is a lot a€“ no, that should be emphasized a€“ a lot, of work that went into making the Classic Car Auction Yearbook both relevant and informative.

That exhaustive attention to detail, concise summaries and excellent design are what makes the Classic Car Auction Yearbook so valuable, not only as the catalyst for revisiting twelve months of auction history but also as an invaluable reference work. Pause, catch your breath, consider and get set for another year, well informed and entertained. About Rick CareyOne of the first people to report on the collector car market, Rick Careya€™s market knowledge is unparalleled and he has one of the largest databases of auction transactions. Richard John Kind is an American actor known for his roles in the sitcoms Mad About You and Spin City. The images can still be viewed without javascript enabled, however you will need to use your browser's back button to return to the thumbnails. At most it becomes an occasional consideration of the major events of Scottsdale, Retromobile, Amelia Island or Monterey.
Even though those impressions build up over time to form a mental image of the market’s progress, the Classic Car Auction Yearbook puts the entire year into perspective and is a welcome chance to refresh, and usually to adjust, recollections and their significance.

Orsi and Gazzi have chosen wisely, selecting 300SL Gullwings and Roadsters, Aston Martin DB4, XKE 3.8, Ferrari Daytona and Dino 246 GT, all cars that were built in fairly consistent specifications and equipment.
It is impossible to over emphasize the importance of the brief notes of condition, equipment or history that amplify each transaction’s listing as well as a reference to prior auction transactions for the same car or the catalog photos of selected cars which foot each page. Carey has a strong and recent background in racing, particularly road racing in International GT endurance competition and a particular interest and focus upon the collector car market including historical trends and economic analysis.
The $183,000 average for the Yearbook’s 2013-2014 period is going to look modest when the 2014-2015 data is crunched.

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