They bonded over fandom and she got the tattoo of her dreams.Erykane Art is a tattoo shop in Boise that's gained a loyal local following thanks to the gorgeous artwork of owner Eryka Jensen. Erika came to the shop hoping for the subtlest tattoo ever—cat whiskers on her inner pointer finger.
When we wrote her to ask for the details on how she got such a gorgeous sleeve, Erika shared loads of progress photos with us.

Eryka did Erika's sleeve in three basic parts—the outline for the cats, Sailor Moon, and the background details including Usagi's scepter, castle, and rose. 3do, Philips G7000, philips console, videopac, commodore plus 4, sega genesis, turboexpress, turbo express, kula world, phantasy star, golden axe warrior, ghost'n gobblins, wonderboy in monsterland, night into dreams, sega rally, die hard trilogy, maniac mansion, sould calibur, lost the vikings, tekken, rebel assault, defender 2000, amstrad GX 4000, burning rubber, gamatic, gizmondo, nec turbo exprfess, philips msx, resident evi ngc, resident evil gc, final fantasy gc, final fantasy limited edition, final fantasy ngc, zelda ngc, metal gear solid ngc, metal gear gc, gundam gc, tales of symphonia, hello kitty dreamcast, hello kitty, hello kitty gameboy, hello kitty gameboy color, hello kitty gameboy pocket, hello kitty game, hello kitty videogame, gba hello kitty, gbc hello kitty, sanrio, fc sanrio, fc hello kitty world, hello kitty magical museum, handshin tiger gamecube, gc hanshin tiger, ngc hanshin tiger, umgebauter dreamcast, ps 2 flat, ps2 us, ps2 jap, ps 2 japanese, sakuira, sakura playstation, call of duty, dead or alive, xbox limited edition, clear edition, xbox clear, transparent xbox, dead or alive controller, limited controller, limited edition controller, street fighter controller, king of fighters controller, king of fightters, neogeo snk console, neogeo cd, neogeo snk, sega gamegear, sega handheld, top guy, sega gg, coca cola edition, sega game gear coca cola, gamegear coca cola, white game gear, white gamegear, white limited edition gamegear, white gamegear tv, white gamegear case, red game gear, red gamegear, blue gamegear, blue game gear, rare game gear, rare gamegear, rarest gamegear, light blue gamegear, light blue game gear, yellow gamegear, red console, rayearth game gear, kids gear, kids gamegear, special edition game gear, game gear console, game gear system, gamegear system, game gear special limited edition, red rayearth, sega nomad, rare sega, rarest sega, nitendo gameboy, ngb, gb, special edition gameboy, limited edition gameboy, red gameboy, yellow gameboy, yellow gameboy pack, gameboy pack, red gameboy, red manue gamboy, manchester united gameboy, blue gameboy, green gameboy, transparent gameboy, clear gameboy, seethrough gameboy, pink gameboy, gameboy color, gameboy pocket, japanese gameboy, gameboy jap, rare gameboy, rarest gameboy, jusco, mario edition, mario limited edition, tamagocchi edition, tamagocchi gameboy, tamagotchi gameboy, tamagotch gameboy, ANA edition, ana edition, all nippon airways gameboy color, all nippon airways gameboy pocket, ANA gameboy pocket, ice blue gameboy color, water blue gameboy color, ice gameboy color, gameboy skeleton, gameboy color skeleton, skeleton blue, skeleton red, skeleton white, midnight blue gameboy, toyota gameboy, hello kitty gameboy, famitsu gameboy pocket, famitsu edition, rare famitsu, tsutaya gameboy color, eiden gameboy, mirinda gameboy color, mirinda gb, orange clear, clear blue, clear white, clear black, aussie gameboy color, green gameboy color, kiwi green gameboy color, lime green gameboy color, red gameboy color, purple gameboy color, gameboy color system, gameboy pocket system, gameboy color console, gameboy pocket console, gameboy console, L.E.
She knows the show and the characters and I felt that she could put good detail into this.""Good detail" is putting it mildly.

Over roughly 36 hours of work lasting more than a year, Jensen created a detailed sleeve featuring Sailor Moon and the show's three adorable cats, Luna, Artemis, and the kitten Diana.

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