The author of some of our favorite YA fiction titles -- like "The Fault in Our Stars," "Paper Towns" and "Looking for Alaska" -- also happens to be the source of an endless supply of inspirational one-liners and passages that describe life as a teen perfectly.
We've gathered 20 Tumblr-created John Green photo quotes that make us feel, well, all the feels. Below we have our third installment of cute, inspirational and artistic quotes designed to be printed out and used as wall pin-ups.

Even if your house is newly purchased, there is no guarantee that any built-in appliance would work until its end-of life. Just ask Tumblr, where there seem to be photo quotes from his books, YouTube videos and interviews abound. Fellow Nerdfighters, click through the slideshow below and tell us, which one is your favorite?

These awesome quotes combine cool sayings with cute backgrounds, fonts and other fun imagery.

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