Life is not always as you expect, sometimes things are difficult and sometimes situations are frustrating.
So we have collected top motivational quotes for you so you can get going in life with ever new energy ad enthusiasm. Which quote did you liked the most, or is there any quote you would like to share with this … Just comment below ! Tumblr is a popular microblogging and social media website which currently hosts over 19.3 million blogs.

Just like Pinterest, Tumblr also attracts people who loves  visual experience: From funny GIFs to inspirational nursing quotes, there are just so many things to love about Tumblr. For nurses who are looking for places other than Pinterest to express their frustrations, experiences, and knowledge, Tumblr is definitely something to consider.
He is not only a great boxer but he also stood for the rights of his people and gave them a platform to speak and let their voice heard all over.
Some people listen to motivated songs to keep themselves motivated, people want motivation when they are trying to learn their subjects for passing exams, they need some motivating quotes for exams, others think that motivational quotes and sayings might help them in staying fitness, feeling the pain during exercise.

A lot of people need motivation in their lives from famous peoples, from teachers, from parents and from internet. All of the Muhammad Ali quotes are inspirational and encourage his African American people to stand for their right and get equal status as other people.

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