So I though it might be interesting to share what applications and services I use day to day outside of the design packages. Evernote – an application for taking screen shots of design inspiration, research, anything that is of interest to me, keeping notes and making those easily searchable at a later date. This is where an answer phone service helps me, they answer the phone when needed and take details and a message in a very professional manner and in the name of my business, I can then call back asap. Skype – Though not a time saving piece of software as such it is a cost saving one to my clients, they can message me and call me through Skype for free. Again it’s just another way of contacting me but it enables those off overseas to communicate freely and build a relationship with me by ask questions before starting a project.
Twitterrific A very simple, easy to use app for the iPhone, this shows your twitter stream, enables me to send tweet, retweet and direct mail from the iPhone, I’ve found it very useful and intuitive in its layout.
Hi Andrew, good to see you here, I did look into Billings and have to say it does look useful and well designed. I know what you mean about the invites they have closed the free option to the service at the moment so you were lucky to get one. From time to time we publish blog posts about the design process we've been through with clients as an insight to the way we work.

Graphic designers – bureau labor statistics, Occupational employment and wages, may 2013 27-1024 graphic designers. Fifteen graphic design interview tips — david airey, “ lots cvs (95% crap)” comment . Graphic designer salary (united states) – payscale, A graphic designer earns average salary $40,239 year. 2015 senior class shirts designs, sayings, slogans, See our latest class of 2015 senior shirt designs. Also syncs with my iPhone and so that when out and about I can log things that need doing as and when I think of them. It is excellent so far though I’ve only been using it for a short time I see it as being very handy in saving time on these everyday tasks and keeping on top of paperwork in one place. Its very useful and easy to organise with different columns for direct messages, mentions and main stream of tweets. It has never let me down, you can send and receive Files up to 2 GB each, features file delivery tracking and you can send multiple files at once. Yeah, it doesn’t make me money directly, but having a massive collection of free music to listen to keeps me happier and more productive!

But the Pearl CRM has this incorporated into to it along with other services so opted for that in the end. It is a great music service and its almost replaced iTunes for me, when I didn’t think anything would. I find this really helpful for putting together scrapbooks for future use and general ideas be them design related or otherwise. A great free service and deserves a mention, I’ve been using it for at least 8 months now and their catalogue is growing everyday. Though I’ve started to become a little tired of the adverts every 4-5 tracks so may invest in the premium membership, this can also be accessed through the iPhone, overall a great service.

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