PicassaPicassa is popular for its ease of use that is; it can be used both online and downloaded to a computer for offline use. It provides you with numerous editing features which helps you crop, trim and meet almost all your photo editing needs.2. PixlrIt allows you to work on your photos in layers which help you perform more advanced forms of editting.4. SumopaintIt is an advanced online image editing software for it provides you with grids, layers and different tools to help you accomplish advanced photo edits.6. Avlary-PhoenixIt is a tool that allows you make changes to your image backgrounds but you have to be online to use it.7. PhotoshopThis is an all round photo editing software which can be used to execute both simple and advanced photo editing projects.8.

Loona PixIt is an effect based application which helps you add or remove effects from your pictures.9. Hollywood MakeoverAs the name entails, this software helps you brush your portraits to meet the movie star standard.10. Photo FuniaIt is an online software that allows you make numerous photo edits while also having fun.11.
Photo MontageThis is a solid online photo editing software you can use to create a montage of your favourite images.13.
Image ChefThe image chef which has a mobile app can be used to edit lighting and backgrounds by using its contrast tools or its sketch pad.14.
Fun Photo BoxAnother easy to use image editor that provides you with different tools, techniques and layers to achieve advanced photo editing tasks.17.

Photo 505This photo editing software has received rave reviews due to its smooth learning curve, brilliant effects and language diversity. Big Huge LabsThis extensive editing software helps you do fun stuffs with your digital images due to its wide array of editing tools.19. My ImagerIt is also an advanced photo editing software which you can use online to achieve most effects and changes you desire.20.

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