The year 2011 was one of the most challenging years for investors: high inflation, increasing interest rates, depreciating currency, deadlock in government decision making and uncertain global conditions substantially dampened investor sentiment and business confidence. The Reserve Bank of India's Monetary Policy to check inflation rates by continuous increase in interest rates has had its effect by way of slowdown in economic growth. The sudden steep fall in rupee vis a vis dollar has taken many exporters and importers by surprise resulting in large losses in the open dollar positions.
This has dampened the business and market sentiments, the current valuation of Indian stock and indices reflect that. The positive part is with depreciation in currency Indian manufacturing, service and software sector has become more competitive globally.
Top 5 picks for the year 2012 HDFC Bank Consistency in its earning growth (grown around 30 per cent YoY in past 38 quarters). IRB Infra Experienced player in road BOT segment and likely to benefit from upcoming project awards in road segment.

Cummins Company is well poised to benefit from recovery in the infrastructure spending in the country. Wikimedia CommonsCredit Suisse published a massive 71-page note detailingA their top investment ideas for a trove of different sectors. Analysts for each sector came up with their top 3 investment ideas for the next 6-12 months. We thumbed through the note and compiled the stocks with the highest upside to Credit Suisse's price targets, along with excerpts from the analysts' comment on the stocks. The question is, will this continue and worsen or will the economy show signs of improvement in 2012. With the China and rest of the globe slowing, oil and other commodity prices are likely to soften. With no major accidents globally and locally, one can expect around 15 per cent return from Indian Equities in 2012.

Thus, the down side seems limited to not more than 10 per cent fall from here though it is possible due to technical factors, markets may for shorter periods of time, trade lower.
The views provided herein are general in nature and do not consider risk appetite or investment objective of particular investor. This should not be construed as invitation or solicitation to do business with Kotak Securities Ltd.

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