There are hundreds of applications available in the market but we have made it easier for you, so you always show up with the best. We are presenting here top 10 photo editing apps for android users, download it fast and see fun yourself. Snapseed – Snapseed is one of the most popular and favourite app of the android users which is free.
Pixlr Express- If you are done with all those complex apps for editing then Pixlr Express goes for u.
Adobe Photoshop Touch – If you are a photoshop lover and always preferred photoshop then you don’t have to give up on that, just download mobile version of adobe photoshop and let the fun continues. Instagram – Instagram is top and largest photo community of the world which offers filters to make desirable changes in the pictures and provide you opportunity to share it with the world.
Flicker – Flickeris one of the most popular photo communities are present in the world lately attracting users’ close attention.
Photo Editor by Aviary – If you don’t seek much changes and looking for something good enough to handle small issues then this app is made for you.

Repix – if you like light and easy apps for editing then Repix is definitely worth considering. So, next time you click a picture, don’t forget to give final touch to it with one of the best editing apps mentioned above and feel the difference.
And seeking ways to make it more interesting by editing then do not stick to the basic features your phone is offering.
VSCO offers variety of filters and large number of editing tools like brightness, crop, resize, saturation, effects, highlight and shadow which is enough to modify your pictures however you want it toa be.
It supports auto correct feature which really improves quality by adding perfectionist touch to your image. You can also work on the weak parts of the picture only while remaining parts will be untouched so, ultimately Snapseed is offering you flexibility and wide scopes for editing. It comes up with drawing tools, editing tools, different photo grids and also allow you to arrange your best pictures in collage.
Apart from basic editing tools it allows automatic image correction in order to fix common problems and make your image look better and brighter. Though this version does not consist of all features of Adobe photoshop for desktop but enough to enhance rating of your images.

It supports ordinary features for photo editing like filters and frames but good enough to get work done.
It offers filters, adjustments, layers, drop shadows, image effects, brushes, strokes and much more.
Now you can play with your photo’s  size, shape, background and can try out special effects, different frames, various filters, layers and a lot more. Your photography experience is gonna be totally changed, all you have to do is download the best photo editing app and make your pictures from ordinary to strikingly extraordinary.

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