NSFW: Careful, your boss may not want to find you looking at pictures of naked Japanese gangsters. The Japanese have associated tattooing (or irezumi) with criminality for hundreds of years. Horrific though the irezumi brush may be, in skilled hands it creates some of the most beautiful images ever seen on skin.
Today, for Amazing Stuff lovers across the world, we have shaken the giant cherry tree that is the internet and pawed through them to find the choicest blossoms, which we present to you here as the ultimate selection of the most amazing yakuza tattoos and irezumi photos.
Yakuza is helping out Japan and the Japanese after the earthquake, with the relief efforts and showing a strain of civic duty. Hours after the first shock waves hit, two of the largest crime groups went into action, opening their offices to those stranded in Tokyo, and shipping food, water, and blankets to the devastated areas. The day after the earthquake the Inagawa-kai (the third largest organized crime group in Japan which was founded in 1948) sent twenty-five trucks filled with paper diapers, food, batteries, flashlights, drinks and the essentials of daily life to the Tohoku region.
An executive in Sumiyoshi-kai, the second-largest crime group, even offered refuge to members of the foreign community, something unheard of in a still slightly xenophobic nation, especially amongst the right-wing yakuza.
The Yamaguchi-gumi, Japan’s largest crime group, under the leadership of Tadashi Irie, has also opened its offices across the country to the public and been sending truckloads of supplies, but very quietly and without any fanfare.

The Inagawa-kai has been the most active because it has strong roots in the areas hit : between midnight on March 12th and the early morning of March 13th, the Inagawa-kai Tokyo block carried 50 tons of supplies to Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture and dropped them off, careful not to mention their yakuza affiliation so that the donations were not rejected. To those not familiar with the yakuza, it may come as a shock to hear of their philanthropy, but this is not the first time that they have displayed a humanitarian impulse : in 1995, after the Kobe earthquake, the Yamaguchi-gumi was one of the most responsive forces on the ground, quickly getting supplies to the affected areas and distributing them to the local people. It may seem puzzling that the yakuza, which are organized crime groups, deriving their principal revenue streams from illegal activities, such as collecting protection money, blackmail, extortion, and fraud would have any civic nature at all. However, in Japan since the post-war period they have always played a role in keeping the peace. There is an unwritten agreement amongst the police and the yakuza groups that is acceptable for them to perform volunteer activities during a crisis but not to seek publicity for it.
Before the crisis the police were cracking down severely on the yakuza and any activity placing them in a heroic light might make the police look foolish. Ninkyo(do), according to yakuza historical scholars is a philosophy that values humanity, justice, and duty and that forbids one from watching others suffer or be troubled without doing anything about it. 25 breathtaking yakuza tattoo designs - slodive, The yakuza tattoo is worn by members of the gang as a mark of identity that shows their allegiance to a particular group.. In japan, tattoos are not just for yakuza anymore : japan, Tattoos are as japanese as sushi, samurai, and yakuza but in recent years with the crackdown on organized crime (the yakuza), tattoos have become increasingly.

Tattoo - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, A tattoo is a form of body modification, made by inserting indelible ink into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment. The man is most probably a member of the the Japanese mafia, or yakuza, and although his back designs are making you want to look, you really probably shouldn’t.
In ancient times, tattoos were given to outlaws as a punishment, and the tattoo taboo continued well into the 20th century. And thankfully for the sake of gender equality and general aesthetics, yakuza tattoos are not reserved exclusively for the dangerous men. But in times like this every helping hand is welcome, and maybe, maybe for a few weeks, both the police and the yakuza can declare a peace treaty and work together to save lives and ensure the safety of the people of Japan. Nowadays this amazing body art is legal again, but done the traditional way with an irezumi brush made of 46 stainless steel needles, and costing upwards of ?20,000 for a full body suit, it might still be seen as a form of punishment!

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