From the Druids of ancient Celtic civilization to the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, symbols derived from the natural world around us, particularly plants and flowers, have long been associated with mystical powers and magical elements. Centuries ago, many trees were deemed sacred among civilizations around the globe, however different species offered different connotations to the people of the lands in which they grew.
The Norse Yggrasil tree also has extensive folklore surrounding it and this is the Northern most part of Europe’s equivalent to the Tree of Life, a popular design that often features in tree tattoos for women. Many of the tree tattoos for women can be scaled to suit a variety of placement areas for small, medium and larger body parts however some of the more elaborately detailed designs are better suited to a larger canvas of skin in order to appreciate the whole effect. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Tattoos For Men, Bible Verse Tattoos , Wing Tattoo Designs, and Tattoo Designs For Girls. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Tattoo art is such a big business and its love has crossed all boundaries and barriers of nations. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Foot Tattoos, Cute Tattoos, Ankle Tattoos, and Tattoos For Girls. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Literary Tattoos, Lady Gaga Tattoos, Feet Tattoos and Scarlett Johansson Tattoos. Sweet and sober cherry blossom tree tattoo, crafted on the arm, looks graceful and stands for female power. Cherry blossom flowers, caressing the foot, look sensuous and symbolize the positive steps the girl takes in her life. The girl got the cherry blossom tree on her back to symbolize the new beginning that she made in her life after undergoing a crisis. The pink flowers on the cherry blossom tree branch look very vibrant and enhance the appeal of the girl’s body. The pink and white cherry blossom tree nicely frames the name of the wearer’ daughter carved in Chinese.
This girl got the black and white cherry blossom tree tattoo on her back to honor the memory of her lost lover. The cherry blossom flowers, wafting in a tilted manner along with the Kanji lettering that means dreams looks very romantic.
Elegant cherry blossom tree tattoo, embellished on the back, has got tidy and graceful details that makes for a pleasing portrait.
The cherry blossom tree along with the girl dressed in kimono represents two strong elements of the Japanese culture. The bright and blooming red cherry blossom tree, spread on the shoulder of the girl, looks super radiant and sends out positive vibes.
The cherry blossom tree created on the back is a symbol of celebration of life and gives out the message of love and harmony.
A perfect feminine tattoo, the cherry blossom tree, looks picturesque and stands for the temporary nature of life.
Sensuous and appealing; the cherry blossom tree and the butterfly look charming together and stand for bliss and beauty. This cherry blossom tree tattoo looks superb and has got a lovely and luscious touch to its display.
This is a large back piece crafted with the cherry blossom tree, Japanese girl in kimono and butterflies that looks quite interesting.

Pink cherry blossom tree carved with Kanji lettering stands for the memory of a dear one who passed away. Anyone would love this cherry blossom tree tattoo that is going to acquire a dazzling hue once it gets completed. Etched in a fine manner with nice details and pretty colors, the cherry blossom tree tattoo looks magnificent and stands for detachment.
Spread on the back, the red cherry blossom tree, looks bewitching and symbolizes the short span of our beautiful life.
This cherry blossom tree tattoo, covering the shoulder, is a symbol of some half completed venture the girl undertook. We must live in present and enjoy the moments that life bestows on us; this is the message hidden in the cherry blossom tree tattoo. The sparkling, red cherry blossom flowers, etched on the back of the girl, create an alluring portrait that is simply awesome. The birds, Kanji lettering and the cherry blossom tree on top together bring out an eye-catching portrait on the back of the girl. Dense and full of flowers blossom, the cherry tree tattoo looks attractive and is a symbol of beautiful life. Pleasing cherry blossom tree tattoo, carved on the chest and having pink flowers, is a symbol of sensuous, feminine beauty. Spread on the shoulder and arm, the cherry blossom tree with flowers in bunches symbolizes the importance of cherishing life’s cheerful moments.
The side of the body is a cool place to get the cherry blossom tree tattoo as the curves complement the tree anatomy. Cute, red cherry blossom flowers tucked on the dark branch, look ravishing, as they sit across the ribcage, covering the waist as well. Bright and beautiful; this arm tattoo paints a delicate and delectable picture before the eyes. The motivational quote and the cherry blossom tree together bring out the essence of living life perfectly. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. It's entirely unclear what that means, but his friends gave him the option of getting a Barbie tattooed on his butt or his fast food purchase on his arm. The tattoo parlor also offered to ink the receipt they gave Ytterdahl for the first tattoo on his left arm for free, and he's agreed, according to the Irish Mirror. Human billboard Billy Gibby is feeling a bit of buyer's remorse after selling out his face for some permanent advertisements. They also play an important part in providing sustenance for all life on our planet from the fruit which many species produce to the shelter provided by their vast branches that provide shelter from the rain or shade from the sun. While Germanic tribes revered the lime and Linder varieties, it was the might oak that was considered to be most sacred to the Celts and Greeks in millennia past. This is an iconic image that many women can relate to as it symbolizes a cosmic force that connects and sustains all forms of creation.
There are also some much smaller designs that contain a minimum amount of detail however these are just as effective in their simplicity as other more intricately featured designs and this is one image that is chosen as much for its symbolism as it is for its physical appearance.
The way you feel or you are attached to come out in an alluring design in shape of a tattoo and it remains on your body as an insignia forever.

Many people get themselves inked to celebrate their love towards their partners or devotion towards God or affection for parents, children or kids. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.
Spending time to think hard about what to get and who you want to do your tattoo for you, makes all the difference in the world. The cherry blossom tree tattoo is known for its beauty and the profound meaning it carries in its decent display. Stian Ytterdahl of Lorenskog, said that his friends wanted to punish him for being "too active with the ladies," according to Scallywag and Vagabond's translation of Romereskes Blad. Gibby, also known as Hostgator Dotcom (yes, he was paid to legally change his name) sold skin space for as much as $1,000 and as little as $75. In our modern society they also convert a common human waste product into life-giving oxygen however it is the allure of these maternal qualities that nourish and look after their earth that attract many females to tree tattoos for women.
According to ancient Egyptology, the first couple – Iris and Osiris – emerged from the Acacia tree while the Sycamore tree was believed to have strong religious connotations, as the threshold between the two opposing worlds of the living and the dead. It stands for a multitude of positive attributes such as abundance, creativity, protection, wisdom, growth and salvation however it is its ability to produce strong roots as a foundation for the trunk and branches that emanate from them, which is key. Many people also get themselves inked to show their inner voice coming out in shape and color of alluring designs. I’ve made the mistake of getting tattoos without putting much thought into them, and I am now paying the price. People hold the belief that the cherry blossom tree is a simile for the beautiful but temporary nature of life.
Now, Gibby is trying to sell ad space on his body to raise the $4,000 needed to remove the ones on his face. These include popular variations such as the Buddhist Bodhi Tree and the Celtic Tree of life which can be transformed into beautiful and eye catching body art. Trees are robust and resilient, they resist and withstand extreme climate conditions adapting within while seemingly immovable and unchanging on the outside so a body art design of this kind can certainly remind us of a valuable life lesson. Getting yourself inked is a painful process and it lasts for lifetime so be sure of the design you select. Many of these designs are intrinsically detailed and present a similar beauty when inked on the skin as the real thing does when it forms part of our natural landscape. Here, we have a made a gallery of 50 free tattoo designs; you can select the one which suits your personality the most.
Below, we have presented a collection of 30 cherry blossom tree tattoos to give you more details regarding the meaning and designs. Known for their pleasing and magnetic portrait, the cherry blossom tree tattoos are more popular among the women.

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