In Celtic creation mythology tradition has it that trees were the some sort of ancestors of mankind.
Many times Celtic art represented the branches and roots of trees as intertwined, like a potent symbol of the interconnectedness of all life and non life and what was thought to be the in between of the two. The first time I saw a tree tattoo was when I spent some time in the Philippines about four years ago and this guy I met in a local skin diving hangout had one.
The guy in the Philippines with the tree tattoo had smaller birds and a little bit bigger tree, which gave a much better impression of the birds heading out away from the tree. If I was going to get a tree tattoo I would have to say I would want it on my right side since I am right handed, that way every time I move my right hand and arm the people behind me would see the tree tattoo move in a style that almost makes the birds look like they are coming alive with the stretching of the skin. Trees are powerful symbols of regeneration and rejuvenation, vivid reminders to us of the cycle of life, the hard, cold, barren months of Winter giving way to the new growth, buds, warmth, fertility and life of Spring.
Certainly a big majestic tree that starts out on this man’s upper shoulder and goes done to almost his elbow.

It was pretty damn cool, I like the way it had that 3-d effect from different viewing angles. It was pretty damn cool, I like the way it had that 3-D effect from different viewing angles. In traditions of the ancient Norsemen, or Vikings as on may have called them it was a gigantic ash tree that was the symbol for the center of the Universe. The birds almost look like they are taking off from the tree, but in this tree tattoo the tree is much to small to give that impression because the birds compared to the tree are much to big.
It’s branches were believed to hang down over the Nine Worlds and it roots were thought of as leading up from the world of men and eventually, as branches up into the world of the Gods.
In a number of Asian and African cultures, their creation myths tell stories of men hanging from trees like fruit until they were plucked and came to life. Trees were symbols of ancient wisdom who provided the alphabet, the calendar, and entrance to the realms of the Gods.

Trees were also associated in the Shamanic beliefs of the Druids and other Celtic peoples with the supernatural world. Trees were a connection to the world of the spirits and the ancestors, living entities, and doorways into other worlds. Now that you know a little about tree tattoos you can run out and find a design that fits your body and your style.

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