Get your daily updates from leading publications and social networks according to your interests and favorite topics. Sometimes in Photoshop we want to create a design which uses half of the page in one color and half in another. Next, using the rectangular marquee tool, select each half and put in the two colors of your choice. Lastly, we want to hide that second section of the design (the black on top of the red background). Kevin Kirsche - Kevin is a graphic designer at Hampden-Sydney College as well as a Freelance website designer and developer.

He is currently 24 years old and has been interested in the digital arts since the age of 9, taking a special interest in CGI and web design. Today, we’ll be going over how to create one that will work whether the objects used rotate, move or resize. Once we have our workspace, we’re going to want to put our two colors on the background evenly.
First, to ensure we create two equal parts, let’s lay a guide down at the 500px mark by using our rulers. With that done, you can now resize, rotate, or move the layers and the inversion will be handled automatically by Photoshop.

The layer mask button in the layer panels is the third one in from the left and looks like a white circle on top of a grey square or can be applied by going to Layer > Layer Mask > Hide Selection.
To ensure our design doesn’t go over that center point, unlink the layer the layer mask from the layer by clicking the little link in between the Folder Icon and the Layer mask.

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