Of all of the fashion fads of the 1990’s, tattoos and piercings were the most painful and the most permanent. The popularity of piercings shot to the stars in the 1990s partly due to the rise of the Indie and Grunge scenes. I had my belly button pierced in 1996 and then went straight home to chop all of my tops as short as I could.
Not wanting her to bag Kiefer Sutherland before I could, I saw her double piercing and raised her a tattoo—a strawberry on my thigh. So if 90’s fashion ever comes around again in the form of piercings and tattoos, take my advice.

Can you name the toy surrounding an urban legend that led several intelligence agencies to ban these from their offices?
Piercing and tattoos have been around in all civilizations for centuries, although their introduction to the Western World has been a little more recent.
Piercings were seen in ears (multiple times), noses and faces (such as the brave Madonna style of piercing where a stud was placed in the same place that Madonna wore her fake beauty spot).
Jumping on the bandwagon I decided to have The Saint on my then taut, belly button pierced, short-topped lower midriff. Stick with the piercing (removable) and skip the tattoos, especially the ever-so-permanent temporary 3 year kind!

The fashion of the 1990s, however, saw for the first time piercings leaving the realm of bikers, sailors and prison yards and entering the mainstream fashion scene. This was quickly followed by the trend for ultra short tops (see our study on bare midriffs in the 90s).

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