No modern tattoo artist, that I have met, could tell me where the superstition came from but it is well observed. Sunrise and sunset serve as a metaphor to many things: the ups and downs of life, the end and beginning of things, and hellos and goodbyes. Images of feather tattoos Peacock feathers make a simple centerpiece option for your home or a special event. It hardly matters, the inner part of the arm is rarely looked at and the artists make sure the gap is ignorable.
What we are here for is to give you some ideas on what designs you can do for your tribal armband tattoo.

I have so many artwork in my life and very rarely have I seen a piece that that accurately depicts and explore what sunset and sunrise stand for. But it could also represent how there is as much beauty in our highs as much as there are in lows. In order to make it unique, just make sure you first know what story or message you want to say. It would be a good idea to ask the artist to do version that can wrap on your arms to depict the stages of sunset to sunrise. For example, if you want to pay tribute to someone who passed away, you may start with the year of the birth and go around to depict milestones in his life and end with the year of his or her death.

This way, you will get the most appropriate and best looking Tribal Armband Tattoo design.

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