Simply place the temporary tattoo where you want it on your body, rub it with water and you've got a great looking temporary tattoo. Wear them both together, separately or cut out sections of them for placing on different areas of the body. Armband tattoos can be a very versatile option, as you can do them in almost any style from flowers to tribal, Native American to Japanese, and pretty much everything in between. You can work with your tattoo artist to incorporate ideas you have into an armband tattoo design to make it your own.

These will wear off after a few days of use, or if you need to get it off immediately, simply rub it off with rubbing alcohol. Tattoo is modification of body which is done by with an ink, which is inserted into top layer of body or part of body. I have create a gallery of outstanding tattoo designs examples you will able to see here in this article. All tattoo designs tend to evolve and change according to current events and trends in fashion.

Also here’s a collection of the latest tattoo art work gallery and designs you could choose amongst!

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