Fish Hook Tattoo meaning – good luck (like an anchor), salvation (like a crown of thorns), safe travel, strength (like a leopard), refusing to sink, prosperity (like a bat), abundance (like a diamond), fertility (like a gecko), etc. Hawaiian fish hook symbolism: the hawaiian fish hook tattoo is one of the most popular on the market.
Samoan fish hook symbolism: the samoan fish hook also symbolizes strength, safe travel and good luck.

Fish Hook Tattoo Placement ideas – on your arm, on your chest, on your forearm, even on your finger. There are probably more meanings for the fish hooks, but these are the ones I find more interesting for my readers. Some of the main meanings of this type of fish hook are: good luck, safe travel (on the waters, mostly on those times) and even strength.

Altough I don’t know, if you find some famous people with tattoos, please share with us.

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