To print any of these free templates below, simply "right click" on any number with your mouse and choose "Save Image As". Below is a brief interview with Thibaut Marriaux in which he tells us a bit more about the bikes, followed by the vital statistics of the frames and their full specifications.
We’ve grilled the TMS boss to find out a bit more about the end of his partnership with MBK and about the new Evo 3 range. MBK are a bit behind with their whole range and the trials frames wouldn’t have been released for ages.
Yeah, pearl white, a bit like mine (which is a bit gloss, a bit metallic and a bit pearly) or brushed alu like Nico’s.
Pour ceux qui n’ont pas eu le temps de faire de bonnes affaires aux K-124 Days, les promos «Special Fringues» continuent dans les K-124 Houses de Paris & Clermont-Ferrand ! La Coupe Inter-regionale Ouest de VTT-Trial 2009 prend son envol dans quelques jours, avec une premiere manche le 12 avril prochain a St Memes les Carrieres (16) !
The 2009 Western France Inter-regional MTB Trial Cup begins in a few days, with the first round taking place on the 12th of April in St Memes les Carrieres.
Official photos and vital statistics of the new Rockman Slate, available in two colours in about a month. Official photos and vital statistocs of the new Rockman Aurem, available in two colours in about a month. La Coupe de France FFC Trial s’ouvre dans 10 jours sur les zones du Bikepark de Poitiers !
C’est une sacre lecon de precision que nous donne Guillermo Marin, et en mode brakeless s’il vous plait ! Il vient a peine de sortir, mais est en passe de devenir la nouvelle reference sur les zones 26" en matiere de pneumatique trial ! Our collections mainly from South East Asia that consists of Bali, Komodo, Flores, Sumba, Alor, Timor, Lombok, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Papua, Irian, Sumatera and Borneo. An Orang Ulu child carrier not exceeding 3 years of age, the carrier is adorn with Anthropomorphic figure and several coconut plates, back decorated with natural Bemban skin. Combine shipping discount of 30% discount will be given on shipping of the next item only for combine shipment. Ever since the arrival of the Evo 3 26, people have been asking when a 20” version will be available. Thibaut Marriaux and Nicolas Luque have sent us the first images of this new bike, in photo and video form!
Thibaut: It’ll have a WB of 1015mm, 350mm stays and a +63mm BB and will be available as full disc only!
OK, Nico, you had the privilege of the first ride on this new bike… you rode it for a couple of hours, how does it compare to its big brother? Once again Alain Remy and the BFTC team have pushed the Elite and Super-Elite riders to their limits with a difficult competition with an unusual format. K-124 Days is a massive international competition and a weekend of shows and demos, one big trials festival. Straight from the Tour de Scay, here are the photos of the sections for the tenth edition of the K-124 Days festival, which looks set to be more intense than ever! Marcus «Gpoint» Gelhard, the talented video-maker, has officially joined the Tribal Zine staff!
The European BikeTrial Championship 2010 planned in Andorra on 22 and 23 May is unfortunately canceled due to lack of means.

The third round of the World Cup planned at Serre-Chevalier is unfortunately canceled due to lack of means. The first round of the Tyke Trial club championship took place on Sunday 21st March at Shipley Glen. Juanda de la Pena presents the first production models of the Kabra F-24, which arrived in Spain at the start of the month. The brothers Belaey have been putting on a series of trials demos in the Middle East: they were at the Tour du Qatar a few weeks ago and went from there to the Tour d’Oman !
A closer look at one of the newest products out there: the Inpulse R20, developed by Cedric Fontenoy, with it’s singular design, well thought-out tensioning system and integrated freewheel protection! Junior rider Sam Oliver, who is one of the top competition riders in the UK, has recently changed sponsors: he is now riding a Rockman Aurem III kitted out with Trialtech parts! Damon Watson, una de las figuras mas importantes del trial street Ingles, ha vuelto con Ozonys sobre una Curve 26! Damon Watson, one of the figureheads of the UK street trials scene, is back and is now riding for Ozonys on a Curve 26!
The Tribal Zine adventure began in 2005 as part of a framework (Tribal Zone) founded in 1998 in order to promote the sport of trials. This great adventure has really only just begun, and it is with plenty of motivation and new projects that we will be attacking this new season.
Three new partners have come on board to help us to take this project even further in 2012.
Another British brand, also founded by Dave Cleaver and with an excellent reputation for quality and performance, Trialtech, whose parts are designed to give optimum performance in competition and on the streets, have also signed up for 2012. Ever thought it would be good to have something to guide you through the techniques of our discipline? The new Entry range from Koxx will be avaiable in February, and will feature some new colours.
Koxx recently announced two big transfers: Abel Mustieles is leaving their dream team after several years of loyal service, and Hannes Hermann has signed up!
Ozonys are recruiting new riders for their team 2 in 2012, with the aim of promoting the spirit of the brand in competition and online! K-124 Days is the extraordinary competition of exceptional intensity that traditionally opens the international season. Tribal Zine caught up with four-time World Champion Kenny Belaey for a few questions on the 2011 World Championship and his exceptional 2011 season, both on the bike and off! The sixth round of the brand new Crowthorne Cycle Trials Championship took place last week at Brackendene in Surrey.
Younger riders moving from 20" to 26", women and more "streety" riders, like myself or Yohan Marech, all prefer the smaller frames.
From an aesthetic point of view, the curves of the frame are very seductive, and the wishboning of the stays will only improve the fluidity of these lines! En Elite, Alexandre Fabregas remporte sa 1ere victoire de la saison, devant Maxime Tolu et Thomas Daidone.
Free shipping for several small items from my store if you combine shipment, such as earrings, small statues, book, ANYTHING that will fit into the empty spaces of this carrier, do email me, thanks!
The curved tubes give it a classy look and give it a super-stiff front end, making front wheel moves and taps much more efficient.
It has been in development for several months, with some early images appearing on the TMS-Bikevision site a while ago!

The welds and lacquer are perfect… This one has an HS33 on the rear and a Magura Louise up front. Two hours wasn’t quite enough time to master it, especially as I’ve been using double HS33s for quite a while now!
In essence, this site was born out of frustration with not having a real trials website or magazine dedicated to our discipline. The British brand who revolutionised street trials with Danny MacAskill and their famous Fourplay, Inspired Bicycles are now supporting Tribal Zine! They have declared their international ambitions for 2012, sponsoring World Champion Gilles Coustellier and signing up with the world’s number one trials news and information site.
The top Brit on the UCI circuit spoke to us recently about his new partnership, his 2011 season and his plans and goals for 2012. This talent could reach a huge audience in Canada 2012, if he is chosen for the first season of Canada’s Got Talent! Tribal Zine has what you need… Four test bikes that have been tested and approved by the Tribal Zine team, at knockdown prices! After the new K-124 website and iPhone app, here’s the new elegant and functional Koxx website, which presents the team and the bikes ridden by the World Champions! Hope will soon be bringing out a new version of their famous brake, and it is currently being tested by the Ozonys team!
It marks, in effect, an end of Thibaut’s collaboration with MBK as he embarks on a solo project, developping his own brand which has come to be seen as somewhat of a benchmark in the trials industry.
The published weight of the HS33 version is 9.3kg, which is surprising considering that they are fitted with non-folding tyres.
Technically speaking, the bike is very much up to date with today’s tastes, with its cut-away headtube and yokes and even pushes these boundaries and conventions with its clever sliding rear dropout system, which as far as we know is the only system of its kind currently on the market. A natty little top cap allows you to pass your front brake hose (or cable) through the steerer tube and makes tightening the stem much easier. As one didn’t exist, we decided to create one, to give the world wide tribe of trials riders, competitors and street riders alike, the website they deserved.
It is thanks to this support that we are able to maintain a website of such quality and to offer you, on a daily basis, the best trials information and news, a selection of the best videos and photos from the web, interviews, equipment tests and more! We will be keeping you up to date with the team and product news from the benchmark company in street trials.
Plus de precisions et des mini-interviews de Gilles Coustellier & Vincent Hermance par ici ! It just does not move and it’s really cool to be able to take the wheel out without affecting the chain tension. If you need to remove your rear wheel there are no more complicated adjustments to be made or tensioners to refit, you simply take the wheel out and the dropouts stay where they are!
For other countries other than USA, Canada and Europe please email us as shipping cost may vary greatly depending on which country.
The stays are also pretty neat; constructed from a single tube and bent into shape around the wheel, with a booster welded on top, they offer optimum stiffness! Write-up, results of this event and two short interviews of Gilles Coust’ & Vincent Hermance here !

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