A tribal rose tattoo is one of the most popular forms of rose artwork are tribal rose tattoos.
Tribal designs were once a ritualistic process that bound a clan of people together with a symbolic image inked on their skin. Tribal rose images are usually inked in only black; however, color can be added to the design without altering the integrity of the picture.
Alternately they can completely separate designs with the tribal work forming a backdrop or surround to accentuate the beauty and color of the rose. A tribal rose design that is made to look like it is “growing” is a stunning image, and works especially well inked across a large area of the body; twisting up the back and spilling on to the stomach, or snaking up the leg from the ankle or foot.
Single roses work especially well in making a statement about natural beauty and being in harmony with both nature and yourself. Popular locations on the body for a small single rose and tribal adornment include the back of the neck, the shoulder blade, the chest, the lower back, the hip bone, the ankle, and the foot. Tribal rose tattoos combine two of the most popular tattoo elements, tribal art and roses, in a seamless style that is very sophisticated, steeped in meaning and beautiful to boot.

When choosing a rose for your tribal rose tattoo design, it is important to first consider the color of the flower.
When getting a tribal rose tattoo you should also consider the type of tribal designs available to you. Rose tattoos have long been considered one of the most significant tattoo designs in various cultures of the world. The rose tattoos presented above vary greatly in their style and can be worn on any part of the body. Red and black work especially well for the rose image especially a tribal rose and heart tattoo, as red is a color associated with passion, love, and sex. Different color roses have different meanings and will affect the symbolic meaning of your tribal rose tattoo design. Not only are there Polynesian inspired tribal designs, but there are also Asian and Celtic inspired designs that are available. They can be worn by both women and men, and can signify a diverse array of important meanings.

The tribal aspect plays on the meaning of the tattoo and twists it from a feminine design element to a more masculine design element. These tattoos can come in various colors and sizes, and are often combined with a number of other motifs and symbols, such as skulls, hearts, stars and other flowers.
Roses have been associated with Goddess Aphrodite in Greek mythology, and they have also served as an important cultural symbol in ancient Persia.
One should also realize that roses combined in different combinations may have different meanings than each one would have individually. Rose tattoos were popularized by seafaring sailors, who sported them to represent their loved ones. Although conventionally associated with depiction of love, roses have also been used to represent friendship, passion, death, grace and purity.

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