The bull has been considered to be an emblem of masculinity, although its real meaning is opposing or the act of opposing someone. Tribal Bull Tattoos is an appropriate tattoo design choice for those who are looking for a strong and heroic look. It contains connotations of both female and male and is said to be bold and sharp as well as tender and delicate.
The Celts were themselves warriors and were known for their abrasive and ruthless fighting skills.

It stands a symbol of aggression, determination and power and has been become very popular these days. The bull tattoos are excellent to look at, can cover a large part of the body and look the best when inscribed on the chest. In many religious customs and beliefs, the bull is a representation of patience and fertility. A brown bull with steam rising from its nostrils and feet stomping on the ground as if it is ready to charge are some of the common bull tattoo designs.

The idea of Celtic Bull Tattoo Designs has existed for several years and is indeed a cool and funky tattoo to choose from. Several accessories such as necklaces, nose and eyebrow piercings have become an added features to these tattoos.

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