This is probably one of my favorite pieces of tribal art that I have drawn thus far, but that's just me.
You will need to start the first step by making the shapes for the head and body like you see here. Next, start forming the rest of the horse's side profile using the muzzle you just drew in step two. Finish the hind legs completely in a nice solid form, then add some shading until the thighs look like their colored in.
Slowly draw the shape of the neck, then sketch out the tribal style mane as it flows beautifully.

Finish drawing out the leg you worked on in step four, then draw out the other front leg and hoof. All you have to do here is draw out the form of the horse's back, then draw in the nicely curved back end as well as the hind quarters or leg. I do have a tribal lesson based on a horse head, but that's it, it's just the head of a horse in tribal form.
I went with a high arched base to get that action pose, and I also wanted a long beautiful tail to go with the character design of the tribal horse. I love horses myself, which is why I really enjoy drawing them out in all different styles, poses, and sizes.

The legs, tail, and frame is thick and realistic while keeping it simple as a tribal design. If I was interested in getting a tribal tattoo in the form of a horse, this would definitely be my first choice without a doubt and I'm not just saying that because I drew it.

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