Send me email updates about messages I've received on the site and the latest news from The CafeMom Team. Today, more than ever, celebrities are flocking to tattoo parlors in an effort to express themselves. Why couldn’t one of Mike Tyson’s friends or bodyguards stop him from getting that ridiculous Maori warrior facial tattoo? Rock stars are supposed to have tattoos, because tattoos make you look like a badass (if you were in Van Halen, you of course didn’t need tattoos at all).
Sisqo really knew how to make the booty shake with his genius lyrics – thong thong thong thong thong.
While he hasn’t been in the news much lately, Dennis Rodman cannot be left out of this list.
After braving the level of public scrutiny that so many celebrities do, you would think that most would get timeless, or at least marginally-tasteful tattoos.

Somewhere in between then and shrinking down to her current skeletal size, she got some little wings tattooed on her back. And, as much as we like Dave Navarro, no one can look all that badass if their tattoos look like they came off of t-shirt designs at Hot Topic.
And, for some reason, she decided to take herself down a notch by getting a barbed wire tattoo wrap-around. You won’t put up with the chauvinist, patriarchal bull crap your mother and grandmother were subjected to. I’m sure that if I had 37 kids from all over the globe I would have a hard time trying to remember where they all came from too. Who knew that having hundreds of thousands of friends on Myspace could lead to near-celebrity status?
Popular theory is that they serve as a reminder of her fight against being a big girl – the wings represent KFC Chicken Little sandwiches she was once addicted to.

Instead, in Winehouse’s case, they look like the mistakes of a crack head from rural Iowa, purchased with cartons of menthol 100s. Whether they decided on something that is obviously drug-induced, or a vain, failed attempt at trying to convince people that they are pretty and edgy, the end result is a varied level of embarrassment.
After winning a World Series title with the ’02 Anaheim Angels, Spiezio ventured to distastefully chronicling his booze-saturated adventures on his arms.
Here is our list of the 18 celebrities that were douchebags before they got their tattoos, and then leveled up on the douchebag-meter because of the tattoos they decided to get.

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