If you're going to be away for a while, you can state a notice of absence in the Absence Notices sub-forum.
Though I do have a few ideas for other species, I don't know if I'm going to flush them out or not. Them being sharks, they don't really have a real place in Feila, so I made up their place, simply as tribes of savages in the ocean.
If you have a problem with it, or already have your own shark-based history, I'd love to hear it and work with you to get to a common ground! We have a friendly community that is more than happy to welcome you and invite you to role-play. He has muscle definition visible, on his chest, abdomen and core, and his arms and legs especially. Two fins protrude from his spine: the larger between his shoulder blades, and the small out his lower back.
Most of his body is covered with the distinct striped pattern of his species, except for from his chest at the collar bone, down between his legs and through his tail, and the undersides of his feet, hands, forearms and biceps to the armpit. He has three fingers and a thumb on each hand, and three large toes on each foot, all ending in a small, almost tooth-like nail.
However, despite their small size, the are very sharp, and come in three rows, top and bottom.
In fact, he prefers very little clothing except swimming trunks if possible, which it usually is not.

When he must be decent though, he wears a light hoodie at most, even if the weather is cold.
He can't be bothered to wear shoes ever though; he's be very hard pressed to find ones that fit his odd feet, let alone one's he would mind wearing. Recently, he has gotten his left ear pierced in three places, right in a row along the inside at the tip; two black studs and a silver ring, all a quart of an inch apart from the next. His left arm's tattoo is a tribal weave extending from his shoulder and ending at his wrist. As part of tribe custom and tradition, on his thirteenth birthday, he went through his coming of age trial: hunt, kill, and bring home a predator of the sea(a non-anthro one, JFC), alone. However, during his trial, he was ambushed by an enemy tribe, stabbed with a spear that had a poisonous tip, knocking him unconscious, then set adrift a strong current from the Arctic Lands towards Edwin.
At the hospital, they discovered that he could not speak English, only his tribes native language.
Luckily, there was a marine biologist in the area named Debby Shirwell that had done some research on the tribes, and knew a little bit of their tongue. When the time came for him to be released, she decided to take Scully (at that time she still didn't know his name because of the language barrier) into her home.
Scully didn't like it, but as tribe law dictates, any shark who fails their coming of age test shall be expelled from the tribe, no matter the cause.
Therefore, he could not return to his tribe and had nowhere else to go, so he decided to live with it and try to get used to this new world.

He was home schooled for three years by Debby and her daughter Aubrey, who was younger than him by a few years, and they taught him English, and finally learned his name. They got him far enough along that he could be put in public school, and he entered high school as a freshman when he was 16. He did make friends with many of the swimmers though, and taught them many tips and tricks to swim faster and longer.
He wasn't interested in any other clubs, and often got into trouble both in and out of school. To add to his many write-ups, he often skipped classes or school altogether, and had awful grades because of it.
He dropped out of school when he was 18, his senior year, in order to work more so he could get enough money to live on his own, which he did when he was twenty, when he got a job at the place he currently works, a bar and grill just off the port called the Rusty Rig. Being alone for so long has made him clingy to the friends he has, and he loves them all dearly.

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