Tattoos have been present for thousands of years in many tribal cultures.  The very first tattoos were created using a sharp stick that was dipped into the ashes of a fire. At the beginning, tattoos were used as means of attaining camouflage more than for decoration. Surprisingly, while every culture or group may use tattoos to depict varying meanings, the concept is basically the same. With time different scenes were tattooed on the body parts meaning different battles that people had participated in. Contemporary tribal tattoos often use colors and add images such as stars, angels, skulls or animals.
Over time other tools were used such as wooden mallets and reeds to drive ink deep into the skin.

The most ancient scientific evidence of tribal tattoos was found on a person’s body that lived more than 5,000 years ago.
You can use tribal tattoos to express yourself as well as make people recognize your loyalty towards specific things in the society.
For instance, when loved ones passed on, the different symbols of their lives such as wolf, an eagle would be tattooed on the family members left behind. You can recognize a tribal tattoo by the presence or absence of thick lines where black and white color dominates, as well as abstract images of animals, trees or warriors.  If you are considering getting a tattoo, it is of utmost importance for you to carefully choose the design of your tribal tattoo because they are usually difficult to remove.
During those times, there were no specific parts of the body where the tatto would be placed; any part of the body was okay, including the face. This discovery was made when man realized that the act left a thick black mark when applied to the body and once it healed over time it became permanent.

As time progressed, the practice of wearing tattoos evolved as a way of showing loyalty towards a specific tribe or group.
Do plenty of research to learn more about the existing designs to assure that you choose the best one for yourself. People traveling to other parts could easily be recognized in respect to their tribe from the tattoo they were wearing.

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