The most basic tribal tattoo goes back to the traditions that mark a person as a member or nonmember of the local group, or a religious group, or certain spiritual beliefs and personal convictions.
So much so that many people out side of the tribal world and who do not even have an understanding of tribal meanings behind the tattoos, are in fact getting them. We all have a undeniable need to belong, and this is considered the most basic tribal need.
And while this is viewed as a good thing, it would be thought of as better if the people knew the meaning of their tats.

Perhaps the biggest reason why the tribal tattoo has had such a strong resurgence lately is because tribal tattoos have a very simple appeal.
And they reinforce a positive feeling about a persons self and somehow connects them to an element of mystery and ancient activity.
For the people of the South Pacific it is a sacred animal, and in West African legend the bat is a symbol of a soul in flight. Now, there may or may not be a proper way that a tattoo like this is supposed to worn but I am almost sure that if you wanted to wear it in another way, you certainly could.

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