Ganesh tattoo: but as Sydney, Australia, resident Lynne Lake discovered, selecting the right person to meld art on her skin proved far more important than any monetary bottom line. The gutter is her studio, and in the gutter she tattoos a cross-section of Bombay society—sailors, pimps, working people, prostitutes, and any passerby with a few rupees and the urge to make a quick and simple mark on their body. There is no better way to honor The Clown Prince of Crime than by tattooing a permanent piece of Joker art.

The lack of sterile needles and procedure is very scary to Western eyes, and the implications are even scarier.
We've had so many amazing Joker tattoos posted to the GeeksterInk app over the past two months that we had to update our "Best of" Joker tattoos to add more!
Tattoo by Latricia Hortsman of Vivid Ink in Plymouth, MI.Tattoo by Kirt Silver of Silver City Tattoos in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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