Raffaella has been tattooing since 1997 and specialises in samoan, maori, polynesian and celtic styles. For some tribal artworks, they carry the meanings of a specific tribe with history which can be traced back to a few thousands of years. Many tattoos are embedded with the characteristics of different tribes, and among the popular designs are those from the Hawaiian, Maori, Samoan, or the Polynesian groups living in the Pacific Ocean. If you are trying to find a tribal style artwork from an online gallery, all the work of arts presented have been designed for the general public that are suitable to be used in contemporary inking. This type of designs usually appears in monochromatic color, and black is the most common one.
The demand for angel design is immense in the recent years as a religious symbol and a form of protection for the bearer. Angels are found in Christianity, Judaism and Islam, and wearing angel artworks signify the faith and devotion to God. The design appears in many forms and shapes, from a small and simple pair of wings and folded hands, to a large and intricate design.  Tribal angel tattoos are among the famous styles. The sun was worshiped as the principal goddess by the ancient people across various religions and cultures. Depending on your preference, you can pick an artwork blended with the tribal or Celtic elements.
You could ink the solar symbols on any part of the body, but the popular spots are the back of neck, upper back, arms, ankles, stomach, chest and shoulders.
To revere the ancestors and traditions, some people who have relationship with a particular tribe may choose to sport a tribal cross. Maori symbols are popular for their unique spiral lines and curves that are carved on the body. Ta Moko arts are visual symbols that are used to convey the tribal identity, ancestry, spirituality, social status, and family ranking.
Traditionally, the Maori tattoo designs are sported on the face, thighs and buttock for the men. As Ta Moko designs have very unique characteristics among all tribal artworks, Maori arts have won a very important place in the tattoo industry around the world. Meaning of the Animal SymbolsNative American Indians were a deeply spiritual people and they communicated their history, thoughts, ideas and dreams from generation to generation through Symbols and Signs such as the Animal Symbols. When choosing such an old emblem, it is important to take some time to study the meaning behind it. Such artworks are often used to represent the identity of a tribe, the ancestry, a person’s ranking within the clan, or the hierarchy of the wearer in the society.

Among some of the popular body locations to ink are the upper arm, chest, shoulder, upper back and lower back. If you spend enough time to research artworks, you can almost discover something that can amaze you every day. Angels are the messengers and guardians of god, and they struggle between life and death as well as good and evil. The popular placements for large designs will be the full back, and smaller artworks will fit your upper back, upper arm, shoulder, and back of neck perfectly. Today, it is still a sacred figure to many, and some people marked a solar emblem to show their great reverence to the deity. If you’re contemplating and looking for sun tattoo designs, you can pick a traditional or a modern work of art. It is believed that the emblem has the power to protect its bearer from any harmful situation.
While the sun is characterized as masculine, the women can chose to blend the symbol with a moon, or a star to bring out the feminine features. If you’re in the same line of thought, you are absolutely correct as the symbol is usually associated with Christianity.
The Celtic cross tattoos are unique for their knots and looping that symbolize continuity of life cycles, and faith in life as a Christian. The most distinct difference is the barbed wires, or a snake that tangled around the cross creating a negative image.
Others may want to ink because of the particular meanings that the tattoo carries, or they are simply attracted by its unique beauty.
Since the artwork can be scaled up or down in different size, the emblem can also be placed on the hands, ankles, back of neck, full back and chest. When the ancestors of Maori tribe migrated to the new land between AD800 to 1300, they brought along the unique Polynesian cultures and arts–Ta Moko, or tattoo custom. Today, the beauty of the work of art has attracted many non-Polynesian in the world to ink Ta Moko tattoo designs. A traditional tattooing instrument, usually a serrated and sharp bone chisel, is used to carve and insert pigmentations into the skin.
For women, the visual symbols are limited to the chins and lips.  Due to the traditionally long and painful way to acquire Ta Moko, the symbols signify bravery, sacrifice and respect. The modern Ta Moko tattoos are often combined with Celtic element to form another type of unique artwork, and the tattoo looks great to be sported on the shoulders and upper arms. Native American symbols are geometric portrayals of celestial bodies, natural and supernatural phenomena and animal designs.

In general, you should only pick a tattoo after taking into consideration of your personality as well as the significance of that symbol to your life.  Of course, you can also sport it just for its esthetic beauty.
So, there is no reason to pick your symbol quickly, unless you have gone through enough high quality work of arts and at least from an online professional gallery. Both versions can be made very creative with colorful patterns, or they can be designed in a simple and monochromatic way. You can also combine the solar emblem with a moon, or carved the name of your loved one at the core. Some of the popular tribal designs are the Maori and Hawaiian patterns with intricate curves and lines that form into the shape of a sun. However, depending on how the emblem is being designed, it can have a completely different meaning with no religious connotation. Although the inking process is extremely long and painful, it is a very sacred event to the Polynesian tribe. For people who do not sport any Maori symbols are deemed to have no social status, and this practice has been there for a thousand years. Native American Animal symbols and totems are believed to represent the physical form of a spirit helper and guide. But, if all these have significance to you, then you have a very good reason to wear one of those unique designs on your body. The combination of moon and sun depicts the yin and yang relationship of the man and woman. With this obvious difference in design, Gothic arts can easily be differentiated from the Christian symbol. The tattooing is normally accompanied by traditional performance of poem chanting and flute music.  It is believed that this will help the bearers to reduce pain while their skins are repeatedly carved to make spiral patterns. If you fancy Ta Moko designs, you should pick an artwork that does not carry any attributes of the Maori tribe. After getting the Polynesian design, the wearers will have to stay away from solid foods because any minor movement of the body will cause excessive pain to them. The many animals and reptiles native to North America are featured as reptile and animal symbols, many having different meanings to different tribes. The most common connotations associated with the symbol are light, protection, vitality, fertility, power, and immortality.

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