A similar conversion dubbed the Lil Kenny (which sits slightly lower than the Lil Pete) gives your Ram or full-size Chevy pickup a makeover to resemble a life-size Kenworth semi.
The interior is completely revised and resembles the cab of a semi, and what’s a semi truck without a rear space to relax in? Under the mock-semi hood is a standard gas or diesel V-8 engine, with space for a smaller diesel or straight-six-cylinder mill. Lil Big Rig’s completely assembled body shells can be easily installed over a matter of days with common garage hand tools. You run what ever drivetrain you want from the donor truck, or what is compatible with the donor chassis. I m a real truck driver and I think these would be awesome to drive and haul smaller trailers. Because America is a police state I can just see getting tickets by stupid cops for driving a “commercial” truck on certain residential roads. I have a mini kenworth T-600 almost complete on a one ton dually chevrolet frame with a new 454 chevrolet engine - a lot of options. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to have their bed in their living room, so we started to brainstorm. We measured the size of our Ikea beds and marked off the new room so it would fit our bed and some clothing space tightly in order to save as much space in the living room as possible. I installed four IKEA LED (color changing) spots in the frame so it would light up the frosted glass. In the meantime we mounted 6 IKEA kitchen cupboards over the TV in the living room and integrated the TV and PC cables into the wall so we could tidily hide the Stereo and PC in the cupboards with no exposed wires. Jules Yap "I am Jules, the engine behind IKEAHackers and the one who keeps this site up and running.
The way I see it, the space we see in the front (with the grey tiles) is the entrance hall. I don?t know about other people, but for me personally it wouldn?t have made much sense to squeeze a bedroom in there, since it would have blocked the kitchen.
Just imagine one partner wanting to sleep in on a Sunday, and the other one who?s already awake would like to fix some breakfast. The way this couple solved their problem is much more convenient, as they created a lot more separated rooms.
For example, at night, one person can choose to stay up longer and watch TV while the other one retires to the bedroom. And in the morning, whoever gets up first can fix breakfast, do the dirty dishes, etc., sit down and eat, read the morning paper, maybe even listen to the morning radio without bothering the sleeping partner. Excellent – Well done, it is amazing with limited space you can always make a home so livable with a bit of creativeness. Someone mentioned about the danger of the glass, if it is not safely glass, you can always get someone to put some film on the glass. Buy a nice bed and make it a statement piece instead of breaking up your apartment into little dank spaces. Pax is ugly as hell, why not salvage some vintage asian screens for a more temporary solution?
Not sure you check this still – but how do you feel about air circulation with the doors closed?

To be honest air circulation was nothin I really considered but we also often slept with the doors open and closed them when we had guests, that was the whole idea behind them.
Also, I’d love to see what you and your wife (grats on getting married btw) have done to your new bigger space!
The Casita makes a great storage building and many buyers have also transformed them into "tiny cabins" or "tiny houses", perfect for that lakeside retreat or backwood hunting property. As with all Better Built Buildings, the exterior is extremely low maintenance to save you time and money.
This "tiny house" can be custom built to your specifications, allowing you to specify such things as overall building size, door and window sizes and locations, and shingle colors that blend with existing structures.
You may also be interested in our Lofted Porch, which offers similar features with a slightly different porch arangement. Order your "tiny house" Casita or any Better Built storage building at the Flying Moose Antique Mall in Wichita, KS. The middle shelf is the only shelf that is not adjustable and does not already have pre-drilled holes that we can use. Except for the fixed middle shelf, and the bottom shelf (which should remain flat because it doubles as the bottom of the frame), you will be using the highest shelf support clip hole provided in the back, and the lowest pre-drilled shelf support clip hole on the front. Next you need to mark all of the shelves so you can drill and mount the bars (cabinet handles) across the front of each shelf. Note:  Before you drill any holes, set a handle in place and make sure the marks you made line up with the screw holes on the handle.
If you like this idea but have no interest (or time) to do it, I suggest you get the materials to your house, then hire a carpenter or handy person to put it together, following my instructions. All Lil Pete and Lil Kenny kits come with a full rear sleeper available with seats or room for an actual bed.
You can even equip your custom Lil Rig with an automatic transmission and forget worrying about trying to double-clutch shift a 15-speed manual often seen in most semis today. A typical semi truck stands around 13 feet tall; the Lil Kenny sits at a little more than 5 feet tall. If you buy one, it’s advised that you find the donor pickup truck while waiting four to eight weeks for Lil Big Rig to custom-fabricate the body shell.
So if you want to work on your CB radio lingo and be the (mini) king of the open road, check out Lil Big Rig’s website (link removed due to malware). It would be even better if it could be fitted to a 1 ton chassis, because than it could be used a hot shot truck. We want to hear your opinions and thoughts, but please only comment about the specified topic in the blog post.
Here's an simple project to get more miles out of them: Use glue and glitter and freshen them up! You can save some money by buying a tie dye kit and a bunch of cheap hosiery and never go without this unique look.
So if you have a small apartment and a lot of tolerance it’s not that hard or expensive to turn your studio apartment into a 1 bedroom apartment.
My mission is to capture all the wonderful, inspiring, clever hacks and ideas for our much loved IKEA items". The dining room with the wooden floor is adjacent to the kitchen (visible doorway on the right side).

You?d only be disturbing the other person, walking in and out and clanging with dishes, cups etc. Also, entertaining guests in the kitchen & dining area is still possible, while the other one might want to call it a night and get some rest. We have chidren and an internal French door with non safety glass, a guy put some film on, you could not see it but if the glass was ever smashed, it would all stay together like laminated glass. The wholes that I drilled in the floor and walls would be easily filled if the next owner wanted to remove the frame and I think that with a bit of effort you could avoid drilling the base frame into the floor. The doors are definitely not air tight, there is a good size gap at the top and bottom of the doors but those gaps aren’t visible when looking at the doors front on.
I am thinking of giving this a go in my own house and was wondering if the sliding track came with the doors or if it came separately?
Both buildings offer an abundance of overhead storage, and covered entry ways that make great cabin layouts. Many options are available that allow you to customize your building to your specific liking.
Nashville, Tenn.-based Lil Big Rig (link removed due to malware) offers transformation kits that take standard pickup trucks and dress them up like full-on 18-wheelers. A semi truck-esque rear body and two extra dual rear wheels are added on to make your truck look like a traditional Peterbilt or Kenworth semi.
Despite the size difference, the overall interior and exterior appearance is strikingly similar. I did not see any specifications on whether or not it would incrrease one's towing or hauling capacity. This is because the doors hang from the panel attached to the ceiling, the floor plank is only to keep them straight.
I got an ideas on how I can style my studio type condo in Eastwood so that I can have 1 room like that. For a donor truck, older pickup trucks are becoming increasingly cheap, and used older Ford F-250s are going for next to nothing on eBay at the moment. Real trucks that use solid front axes have leaf springs, not these silly paper thin control arms can get broken in half by a large rock. If I wanted to avoid drilling into the floor I would mount the floor plank to the walls (you would lose strength but I don’t think it would be impossible).
The inside of the building is still open with exterior stud walls that can be left unfinished, or you can finish the interior any way you want. Do not make the mistake of just measuring from the end (on this short bottom shelf) or the holes wont be far enough apart to line up with the holes on the handle! Don’t worry about body rust, either, as long as the frame is solid and the truck is in working mechanical condition.

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