Here are instructions for royal icing floodwork as well as three lettering styles wide enough for this process. Cisco has developed a national reputation for the quality of our graphics and lettering capabilities. Tackletwill lettering and designs are produced by cutting heavyweight polyester twill and sewing these directly onto your garments. Swiss embroidery uses specialized thread and applies your design directly to your garment with computerized sewing machines.
A cake inscription made with floodwork lettering looks elegant and more special than just being piped.

We can offer professional quality screen-printing, swiss embroidery, tackletwill and applique work and sometimes combine several of these processes to achieve the look that you want. We use the heaviest, most colorfast twill (the same twill used by Major League Baseball) and all lettering and designs are cut, in-house, on our computerized, laser cutting equipment.
One machine can produce 15 garments at a time and the variety of lettering and logos is almost unlimited. We can use your design or create one for you and you may even approve a final copy before anything is actually printed. The graphics capabilities with screen-printing are almost limitless and listed below are a selection of our most popular typestyles.

With this capability we have the potential to produce tackletwill designs in almost the same unlimited variety as in screen-printing and embroidery.
The end product is a very classic, custom-made product that produces a look unlike anything else.

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