Don’t quite know if it’s his or a real tattoo, or his picture but it is quite cool !
Our inspiration is a community of people with a positive attitude towards sports, life and style. For your consideration: Is Miss Bianca from Disney’s The Rescuers being seriously overlooked as a Disney princess?
Here is one the more confusing Harrison Ford movie-themed t-shirts you’ll see today, even with the answer key on the right-hand side.

Snuff (a Vimes book)┬ácomes out tomorrow, how is it that Pratchett’s releases alway sneak up on us?
Like the obvious goth phase that Helga probably (definitely) went through before ultimately turning to yoga. And I’d really like for them to start making glasses like this again, specifically with the vine details on the earpieces PLZ PLZ PLZ. Herrera had Photoshopped Ewoks into some family pictures taken at Sequoia National Park because his daughter is a huge Star Wars fan.

Well now, he’s combined the best of both of her worlds by having this cake created for her birthday by family friend Trisha Patterson.

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