The images tell tales of a beautiful gypsy girl named “Valentina” whom takes on different roles to appeal to the fantasies and pride of those who are participating in The Imaginarium, whilst embarking on her own lovesick journey.
David Fast is a Fine Art Photographer in Miami Beach, Florida, and did this wonderful underwater series with Canadian Model Nadia.
David Fast is the head photographer for Oceans Design Group, a boutique design agency located in South Beach (Miami Beach), Florida. If the atmosphere is warm and friendly, and the model feels good, you will always be awarded with special postures and face expressions. Give amateur models enough space and freedom to express themselves, and be ready with your camera. Wrecks, marine life, underwater landscapes, or even just water… Some of you might ask where the sense lies in making a human the desired subject of underwater images when there are so many other beautiful things to shoot.
The answer is, from a psychological perspective, we humans are land-based animals and definitely not designed to live underwater.
There are many different photography techniques, possible locations, setups, and shooting opportunities that exist when it comes to underwater model photography - I could write a book about it!
The interaction between a model and a photographer in an underwater photo shoot is not as minimal as some may believe.
Underwater model photography is teamwork, and successful shots are the result of a fine balance where neither the photographer nor the model is ruling the situation.
As in every aspect of life, communication is one of the main keys for success of underwater model photography as well. Plan clear hand signs for communication later underwater, and not only for what you want to tell the model but also for situations where the model needs to tell you something.
Always do your very best to create a friendly, warm, and respectful atmosphere, before, during, and after the photo dive. Florida is one of the world’s premier destinations for cave diving and Devil’s Eye cave system should be on any cave divers list of places to dive when visiting the region. The Sub2o, Dive Advisor’s online publication, is a collection of informative and entertaining stories written by experienced and passionate divers that love to document the underwater world.

Much like a facebook page - you need to first have a personal account through which you can login and manage the business page. After creating a personal account, you will be directed to 'My Dive Shop' section where you can claim existing listing or create a new one.
Every now and then, I get a chance to really flex my creative muscles and do something out-of-the-norm for me. This one above looks like a vision of a mermaid one might see mysteriously appear in the ocean. The information contained within has been provided with the assistance of the relevant companies, organizations and creatives.
Shooting on Fuji Chrome transparency film and using a vintage Nikonos IV camera, Miami Photographer David Fast took these amazing underwater photographs. This Miami Photographer specializes in: Architectural & Interior Photography, Lifestyle & Fashion Photography, Landscape & Travel Photography, Portraits & Product Photography, Dog & Pet Photography, Family & Children Photography. UW model photography does not require deep waters but it requires a good team of at least 2 equals. Divers may find it normal to be underwater but to the majority of humans, the underwater world still is a twilight zone, a fascinating, mysterious, and maybe even dangerous world in which humans don't actually belong. You may find yourself a great photographer, but if you’re working with human models (and shooting awesome images), 50% of the “honor” goes to the model, at least!
The keen and ambitious photographer you are, you probably have a very clear vision of how you want your shot to look like. There are only guidelines and friendly advices, given to help you shoot photographs that you like. I am so very grateful that I was able to do this VERY different photo session with a perfect little model.
Turns out that mom was *really* lucky to snag one thanks to the float’s new-found popularity! This proved to be challenging for me because the pool was a bit deep and I was having a tough time trying to swim and hold my camera at the same time.

David Fast is the head photographer for Oceans Design Group, a boutique creative design agency located in South Beach.
Having a human as a model in an underwater photograph awakens the attention of beholders, because to them, a human underwater is an unusual thing. In the end, there is no difference, and this kind of photography requires understanding that.
Instead of forcing them into something they simply don't want to do, it is better to let them do what they like, and be ready with your camera.
Talking to your model and preparing your underwater strobes at the same time communicates that your strobes are more important to you than the model. Oceans Design Group offers Fine Art Photography, Fashion Photography, Architecture Photography, Interior Design Photography in Miami Beach, Miami, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Aventura, Bal Harbour, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, and even Boca Raton.
Old instincts are begging us to climb back up to the trees, escape the “liquid twilight zone” and search for shelter, but then, on the other hand, we can't take our eyes away. Only a few underwater photographers have the opportunity to work with one of the very few professional UW models that are available for hire on a daily basis.
But you’re just going to have to put up with it because you love me and because this sweetie pie fit into her role completely! Oceans Design Group has experience large scale Fine Art Photography, Portrait Photography, Graphic + Website Design, Digital Retouching and Restoration, and much more for any your Fine Art Photography needs that you may have. Thank you so much to her mommy for coming up with the idea to begin with and for finding us the perfect retro swimming pool in which to stage our vintage swimsuit photo shoot AND for introducing me to an amazing set stylist with whom I hope to work again in the future! When underwater, eye contact is important for you to achieve great model photos and to keep in communication with your model.

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