There are even some very detailed lace back pieces that look like full corsets that are amazing. If you are wondering which part of the body is best to have tattoos, then having it on the wrist is probably a great choice. Depending on your taste and preference, you can go for daring and sexy images or name of your special someone, or a delicate geometrical design, or even a small sketch of your face on the wrist.
Adding shaded pearls, or a simple chained locket dangling would complement the lace garter very well. It’s great because with lace you can have a simple small design or an extravagant giant design.

Even if you like the idea of a lace holster with a gun in it on your upper thigh but are wanting to be original, adding color to the gun, or a bow on the holster is a great way to do this.
You can also consider having an ornamental pattern tattoo design, one that is best suited for women. You can also make the spacing on the lace different than the piece that you are referencing.
Although wrist has only limited spot to ink a body art, still any type of pattern can be placed on it. Lace hearts can be placed almost anywhere but are most popular on the hip, forearm, hand, neck, and ankle.

If you are a type of a person who is furtive, then inking a tattoo on the inner part of the wrist is a good way to keep it less evident to the crowd.
Of course, bigger ones are more visible and obvious but they do not however guarantee appreciation. Given the small area of the wrist, small to medium-sized tattoos are more appropriate to be inked on it.

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