Saniderm puts up a see through barrier and works by providing a moist healing and breathable environment where it keeps the body’s natural healing process away from the environment.
Warranty for all of our products are covered by the Hildbrandt Comprehensive Warranty that is stated on the certificates that come with our products. PurTect is designed as a Lubricant to replace all vaseline and petroleum type products formerly used during the tattoo.

Note: PurTect is the first and only product designed specifically as a Lubricant used during the Tattoo Application.
Doctors and hospitals have long treated burns and abrasions using the same moist healing method.
Tattoo as usual using about half the amount you would use with traditional petroleum based products.

Do not use PurTect if the presence of a disease or physical condition including, but not limited to, skin rash, infection, allergic reaction etc…makes it impossible or undesirable to treat a particular client in the usual manner.

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